09 Feb 2018

Standing Sushi Bar – Try our best picks from the menu

Standing Sushi Bar – Our best picks from the menu


The Standing Sushi Bar is an award-winning Japanese restaurant that opened doors or the first time in the Lion City in 2009. It has also been voted the best provider of sushi in Singapore by the Hungrygowhere community. Many local and international food bloggers have written reviews on the Standing Sushi Bar menu. Because we highly appreciate really good food of all cuisines, we couldn’t help ourselves but recommend some of the fantastic meals served at the restaurant with a unique standing concept. There are 3 Standing Sushi Bars in Singapore or you can find them on Appetti!
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AUTHOR: Appetti
09 Jul 2016

Indonesian Street Food – 5 of the best dishes

Indonesian Street Food using traditional Indonesian recipes

Anyone who’s ever travelled to Indonesia and tried Indonesian street food loves the exotic flavour and appetising smell of easy traditional Indonesian recipes.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and absolutely delicious Indonesian street food.
Tourists and others who don’t speak Bahasa (the Indonesian language) may find it difficult to order Indonesian dishes. Displayed by most street vendors, however, are big pictures of the food they serve. It is easier for the customer to order the food they want that way.

Viewed by newcomers and especially those from the Western world, the sight of the street stalls can be quite off putting. Unlike traditional restaurants they appear to be unhygienic, but they are generally safe to eat from and the food tastes amazingly good.
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AUTHOR: Appetti