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Western, International, Thai
Soup, Noodles, Seafood
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Beer, Non alcoholic

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Fast Food, Diner

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16 December 2016


Bharani & Sansab Restaurant is older than 50 years. Decorated with many antiques with the odor of mixed western. Serves Thai noodles and few western dishes. Store constellation was launched in 1949 on the road. With dedication and stamina and tenacity of growth. Isarasena forgiven loyal son Isarasena loyal prince, who graduated from the Philippines. And military service during the war. Straight after the war ended. Forgiveness has changed little row houses. One room is located on Sukhumvit Road From shops, sausage and smoked ham made which later evolved form. The unique style of Thai & International Homemade Cuisine Thailand Great food. Cooking is love which forgives life. And transfer of knowledge from diverse grandmother compensation. This is your mother's choice in his retinue. King Rama VII 7 at Sukhothai Palace then whether curry or soup, veal curry was authentic. And a bolder Great Western cuisine. Venial experience. From visiting her daughter, "You constellation" while studying in England and traveling around the world together. Make your food The culture of eating From many countries Mix ingredients in the moment Served at your store and is still popular today such. Soup, seafood soup named Jabez soap from the south of France. Soup made from seafood obtained locally. Bring to boil with fish broth. mix spices Serve with garlic bread Not far from the French Spain is great. Unfortunately chose to introduce "Paella" Spain is importing shrimp fried rice or fish cooked in fish soup and add the cooked rice together. Flavored with spices or Spanish Saffron Saffron is the protagonist.



Sausage, Bacon, French chicken sauce, Noodles.