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Sandwiches / Cakes / Pastries
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Haut Cuisine / Fine Dining, Mall

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22 December 2016


The first shop Meissen shop Aoyama as the European sphere and building a bath house built from the Showa. Design is decorated with a mix of old and new era. Using the original building structure and interior decoration with a modern format, it's time to go through half a century and then still Meissen, is intended to conserve the building next to it is an authentic thongkhat Tsu shop of Meissen and the intention to maintain the standards and the taste, Massimo thongkhat, Komatsu as authentic, since 1965, would go to the Meissen thanks all customers trust forever. Thongkhat Haruhi ... not Zen. Thongkhat Tsu every piece of Meissen has been selected, only the piece of pork from pig strains and painstakingly cut all tendons, all to make the taste of pig alter before knocking over the pork pieces and fibers blended with specific methodologies of Meissen until thongkhat, Komatsu soft, ready to taste the insanity and the tenderness of Meissen by using only a fork ends, cut ... Bread crumbs ... not Zen. Bread crumbs and all the chips at the Meissen produced from bread baked by a specific formula. Returns the size of the shape with black bread, according to the standard. Identities of Meissen Combined with techniques of breaded and fried oil. Adjust the heat to suit the Tod carefully until the dream thongkhat Tsu have bread crumbs, light frame rail with flower petals in bloom ... Meissen sauce. The Meissen we believe what wonderful flavor of decision thongkhat, Komatsu is "sauce" Meissen prepared several recipes for delicious sotlak that is unique to each menu. At the start of the opening of Meissen Every day at our little shop trial brought many fresh fruits and vegetables come only from our sauce by pray for "tasty" until we finally get creative sauce recipes, taking thongkhat, Komatsu has a delicious taste is unique and is the proud founder of Meissen since 1965.



The softest, most delicious Tonkatsu that can be cut with chopsticks.