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Steak And Grill, Noodles, Sushi / Sashimi, Seafood
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16 December 2016


The Nippon means "Japan Sea guides, or in other words is the name of the media to reach the aim of the company is to offer fresh food, which is the main raw material in Japan by cooking and good quality products imported directly from overseas to Japan and sold to restaurants and hotels that are famous in Thailand. In addition, import and export business, Nippon restaurant business also guide featured products fresh from the hand of great nurses every day. Whether customers are eating live really only. This is to create the best quality of life for all of our customers. Nippon guides limited was established in the year 2543 with target customer is a group of middle-class customers to go up a whole group of people, including Thailand and Japan customers foreigners. Open market sell ready-to-eat in supermarkets for the first time, such as raw fish. Onigiri (rice balls) pages, which is considered a new item in the market at that time and, as a result, Nippon guides are well known and popular today. From the popularity of food Japan increasing rapidly during the past 5 years, especially in the countries of Thailand, thus resulting in a restaurant business, Japan's all types of local and international brand and, at a later time. Japan food markets divided into several subgroups such as Fine Dining Restaurant, Quick Service Restaurant, Buffet Restaurant, the Ramen Shop, Burger Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Curry, including other items in the consumer product group. Another factor which makes the restaurant market, Japan is expanding rapidly to competition of retail Shopping Mall, which in particular has continued to expand, a new branch in the range of 1-2 years, and there is a new look for modifications to branch to respond to greater audience. And to increase the share of trade, including adding new distribution channels, it is the key factor for food business operators, Japan has the opportunity to expand and open new businesses and result in market capitalization of domestic food Japan Thailand at present is considerably higher. For these reasons, and the company is Nippon Kai, import and sale of raw materials, food, Japan itself the company is analyzing the opportunities in expanding business in the form of Japan, starting restaurants, opened their first store in the year 2548 trial with a small store format (food corner) at the Emporium department store, under the brand name Nippon Kai and get a very good response until today. In the year 2551, the company gained the trust from the Department store, the Emporium branch, has expanded into a large Japan restaurant under the name Nippon Kai Deluxe. In the same year, Japan expanded the restaurant business by opening a second branch at Nippon Kai Siam Paragon, which is a branch that receives the maximum success in both sales and brand creation, is perceived as the point created attention to other malls, and can contribute to expanding a business restaurant Nippon in Kai and Siam Paragon branches currently 2550 2551 has been updated and new look as Nippon Kai Deluxe.