09 Feb 2018

Standing Sushi Bar – Try our best picks from the menu

Standing Sushi Bar – Our best picks from the menu


The Standing Sushi Bar is an award-winning Japanese restaurant that opened doors or the first time in the Lion City in 2009. It has also been voted the best provider of sushi in Singapore by the Hungrygowhere community. Many local and international food bloggers have written reviews on the Standing Sushi Bar menu. Because we highly appreciate really good food of all cuisines, we couldn’t help ourselves but recommend some of the fantastic meals served at the restaurant with a unique standing concept. There are 3 Standing Sushi Bars in Singapore or you can find them on Appetti!

Here are our best picks from the menu:

  • Rockstar Rolls
  • Sashimi Bento Set
  • Prawn King Roll
  • All Salmon, All the Time
  • Crabby Chicken
Standing Sushi Bar image man with tray of sushi
Standing Sushi still needs a table!

Rockstar Roll

The Rockstar Rolls are simple 8 pieces of maki perfection. It is a signature dish, featuring salmon wrapped around mozzarella and mentaiko sauce. If you love cheese, you would definitely feel like a rockstar with this roll. But wait for it, that’s not all! Every Wednesday you get 50% off the meal and you can add beer, wine or hot sake to it for only $5. Sounds like a good mid-week reward.

Sashimi Bento Set

Apart from serving some excellent sushi in Singapore, the Standing Sushi Bar has also been named the favourite sashimi place. So this explains our next most loved item from the menu – the Sashimi Bento Set. It includes salmon and tuna sashimi, boiled rice, creamy cheese and some other extras, which make the set really exciting. It’s a must try item from the Standing Sushi Bar menu.

Prawn King Roll

If you like seafood, you will love the Prawn King Roll. Not only does it look amazing but it also tastes great with the added avocado and tobiko on top. It is a truly royal meal. Also because it is the Standing Sushi Bar we are not surprised to find some Singapore’s best sushi offers here. This roll is also available every Wednesday at a 50% discount for dinner at all outlets. Also at the 8 Queen Street branch, you can even use the discount for lunch.

All Salmon, All the Time

A great meal offering a variety of textures with the same ingredients. It includes both raw and seared salmon, cucumber and avocado, topped with tobiko. Any offers related to this pick? Of course, there are! The same 50% off every mid-week, which just makes the Standing Sushi Bar an absolute star for sushi in Singapore.

Crabby Chicken

We must round up or top Standing Sushi Bar menu picks with something different and very intriguing. That’s the Crabby Chicken. However, is it crab or is it chicken? It is both. It is maki mix with chicken and avocado and soft-shelled crab. To create an attractive image and give better taste, the maki rolls are topped with mayonnaise and pork ‘floss”. It is quite an unusual combination, but it is what makes the culinary creation interesting. If you love trying new flavour fusions, don’t miss this gem on the Standing Sushi Bar menu.

Standing Sushi Bar image
Standing Sushi Bar also give Sushi making lessons

In Conclusion

So is the Standing Sushi Bar  Singapore’s best sushi place? We will let you be the best judge but we are sure that the menu will have you spoilt for choice.  Appetti features over 330 Sushi and Sashimi restaurants in Singapore.


AUTHOR: Appetti