18 Feb 2018

Appetti shows you a Fish Head Curry Recipe

Fish Head Curry Recipe from Appetti

If you know how to cook any curry you probably won’t find it too challenging to cook up this fantastic fish head curry recipe. Some also call it curry fish head, but the taste is equally amazing. So today we are inviting you on a mini cooking class, creating the fish head curry recipe. Did you know that Appetti lists 609 restaurants that serve curry in Singapore.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
25 Apr 2017

Food Waste in Restaurants is a growing problem in Asia

Food Waste in Restaurants and in the home

Food waste in restaurants and in the home is a growing problem, with America typically being the country most people associate food waste with. Indeed to date it is the number one offender from a global perspective. It is also the first major country trying to deal with this escalating ‘international’ problem with some ground breaking ideas and solutions. Sadly Asia’s food wastage problem is following at an alarming rate, close on the heels of the USA. Food waste in Singapore, as just one example, is an escalating problem and rising fast. It is growing globally and even the BBC is talking about it on their mainstream news.

More than half a billion people in the Asian Pacific area go hungry every year. So isn’t it about time, since Asia is now recorded wasting nearly a staggering 50 percent of food produced, that we all did something about it?

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AUTHOR: Appetti
20 Apr 2017

Breakfast Buffet Barbarians

Breakfast Buffet Barbarians at a quality hotel buffet

One of the absolute delights of being on holiday is when a quality hotel buffet is included. It gives you a chance to indulge in the type of breakfast you wouldn’t normal have at home. Your hotel breakfast buffet experience can start with fruit and yoghurt. Make yourself feel less guilty when you head for the egg station. Grab some sausages and bacon whilst your there, go on, have some baked beans and mushrooms too!
Perhaps finish off with some Nasi Goreng and a little Miso soup. But I normally eat what I take from the buffet but not so with everyone apparently
Here are a few stereotypical examples:
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AUTHOR: Appetti
12 Dec 2016

AA Gill – Respect to the Master Critic

AA Gill: Still managed to get the last word

Restaurant critic AA Gill, Adrian Anthony Gill, a name that either fills you with regard or total distain, has passed away.
At the early age of just 62. Just three weeks after AA Gill announced his diagnosis with the ‘full English’ of cancers, he made his AA Gill Brexit.

AA Gill Sunday Times

In 1993 he joined the prestigious Sunday Times newspaper with his own regular column as a
restaurant reviewer. Many a happy Sunday breakfast was enjoyed reading the AA Gill Sunday Times articles. His CV included writing AA Gill articles for Vanity Fair magazine, a hugely successful
television critic, author and finally travel writer.
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AUTHOR: Appetti