30 Oct 2017

10 places to eat at the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall, Appetti shows off 10 places to recharge there!

Ibn Battuta Mall is a gorgeous mall in the pearl of the Middle East, Dubai. As with most shopping centres in the city, it is a very large Mall accommodating a lot of shops, restaurants and recreational facilities. What is special about the Ibn Battuta Mall, though, is its design. There are beautiful Islamic mosaics and animal statues in various sites of the shopping centre. The building is split into 6 different theme courts, Egypt, Andalusia, China, India, Persia and Tunisia. Also at the Southern end of the Mall you can find the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel. You can also take in a movie at the Ibn Battuta Cinema. So after taking a good look at the Ibn Battuta Mall map, we’ve identified 10 fabulous restaurants in the centre.
Mind you we have over 57 outlets listed on Appetti

Here they are:

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AUTHOR: Appetti
23 Oct 2017

From over 50 outlets we show you 10 in City Centre Deira to recharge in!

City Centre Deira: a great shopping mall plus entertainment and eating

City Centre Deira is another massive mall in Dubai. It is relatively old, but also has a great directory of shopping, entertainment and dining venues. The main attraction at the City Centre is the Magic Planet, featuring video games and theme rides for children and young adults. Also the City Centre Deira Vox Cinema is very popular among the residents and tourists because it has 11 screens 2 of which are 3D Digital RealD and one is Extreme Screen Digital. So if you get hungry or thirsty, there are over 50 places where you can grab a bite and a refreshing drink. Check out our Dubai City Page to see more information about the vibrant city of Dubai.

We’ve picked 10 for you.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
20 Oct 2017

Wafi Mall Appetti shows you 5 Wafi Mall Restaurants to dine in!

Wafi Mall is more than a Mall, it is a way of life!

Wafi Mall is located in the multi-purposed complex Wafi City. In the complex there are a number of Wafi residences, Wafi Mall restaurants, shops, a hotel and a night club. The design is more than eye-catching as the City is themed as ancient Egypt, featuring pyramids and pharaohs statues. Even the walls are made of light brown stone used in the buildings of the Egypt of old times. We’ve chosen 5 Wafi Mall restaurants, which you cannot afford to miss during your visit at Wafi City.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
17 Oct 2017

Dubai Outlet Mall 5 Places to Recharge after some hectic shopping!

Dubai Outlet Mall Offers some great places to eat here are Appetti’s 5

The Dubai Outlet Mall location makes it an extremely popular destination for families with children and young people. It’s situated in Dubailand, a huge entertainment theme park. The shopping centre has been welcoming customers for 10 years and has been a temporary home to a concert venue called “Autism Rocks Arena”. This year a permanent venue opened doors and currently has the capacity to accommodate 45,000 spectators. With all these people coming to the Dubai Outlet Mall to have fun, the shopping centre surely need a great selection of dining venues. We are going to take to a few great spots on the Dubai Outlet Mall map.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
07 Oct 2017

Appetti guides you through restaurants in Dubai’s Dragon Mart centres

Dragon Mart 1 and 2 places to eat from Appetti

Dragon Mart is an enormous shopping centre created especially for Chinese wholesalers who are entering new markets through the Middle East. It’s extremely popular with local and North African customers. The shopping centre was such a success that Mart 2 was built in 2015 with over 175,000 square metres of retail space and 4,500 parking slots. With so much potential for business, it is only logical there there would be numerous restaurants and cafes in the two malls. We have picked 3 dining venues in the  Dragon Mart’s centre to present to you.
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AUTHOR: Appetti