05 Jul 2016

Cheese of the World

Some of the most popular Cheese of the World and the countries they originate from.

Can you believe it, that there are at least 1,777 different types of cheese coming from the four corners of the Earth?  The types of cheese are usually categorised by country of origin, texture, colour and the milk used in production. The taste and smell of each type of cheese is different and distinctive, so this explains why a cheese plate is often regarded as high-class delicacy. Some great dishes are found in cheese recipes from all over our world. Now let’s take a mini tour of the countries that make the popular cheese of the World.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
03 Jul 2016

Yoghurt vs Yogurt – Despite the row over the spelling, good yoghurt benefits your health

Yoghurt vs Yogurt – Multiple benefits your health? No Matter how you spell it.

Yoghurt Vs Yogurt let the battle begin!

Despite the row over the use of the traditional American spelling you’ve probably heard numerous times that yoghurt, especially probiotic yoghurt, benefits health and it can do so much good for your body. Of course all of that is true, knowing this magic food is made of milk, which means it also provides you with some invaluable nutrients such as:
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AUTHOR: Appetti
20 Jun 2016

Hangover home remedies, try these 6 or quit drinking

Do hangover home remedies work? How long does a hangover last?

Booze, glorious booze, who cares if you get a hangover? Who cares how long a hangover lasts anyway when we have hangover home remedies to fall back on.

Lets start with a question: Is there an alcohol that doesn’t give us a hangover?  and then look into hangover home remedies in more detail.
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AUTHOR: Appetti