30 Apr 2018

Enter Appetti’s Lucky Dip this Holy Month of Ramadan 2018

Feeling Lucky? Enter Appetti’s Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip and win Free Dining Vouchers!

Ramadan doesn’t last until the end of July but our Lucky Dip does!

Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan 2018 and beyond, Appetti has joined with some key restaurants in Jakarta and Tangerang. So we present to you Appetti’s Free Dining Vouchers in our Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip.

So joining the fun is super easy, just take your family or a group of friends to one of our participating partners. Then simply share your experience with the merchant and automatically be entered into our Lucky Dip.

It lasts till the End of July so get going as soon as you can!

So get along to one of the venues below and enter.

Pisa Kafe:

Check out Pisa Kafe at Appetti. Many love this classical cafe and its decoration. Some also fell in love with its homemade Gelato as far back as 1993!

Why get down there? Well because Pisa Kafe is famous as the first place in Jakarta to make its own gelato. If that isn’t enough they serve great Pasta, Pizza and Italian Food.

Also they have their own band playing regularly. However if you are lucky then you might get to see some guest musicians.


Pisa Kafe Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip image
Go on Lean Down there

Pisa Kafe: Jl. Gereja Therasia No. 1 Jakarta, 10350

Clique Kitchen and Bar:

Clique Kitchen & Bar is also a venue that boasts great people, great food and an amazing atmosphere for you to enjoy. you get a combination of bar, function facilities and a kitchen vibe.

However, Clique Kitchen & Bar is a venue that boasts great people, great food and an amazing atmosphere for you to enjoy. So here you get a combination of bar, function facilities and a kitchen vibe.

 There is also a wine cellar that apparently holds a stock of Vino from around the globe and of course a great bar.

Clique’s Bar gives you a different experience with a vibrant atmosphere, chilled music, and also signature drinks from their mixologist. Local DJ Heroes are often invited to help you get your weekend warmed up.

Clique’s Lounge is a warm and pleasing because it is an area full coffee tables and comfy couches. 

On the first and second floors is the Clique Function which handle up to 300 guests, for birthdays, meetings or perhaps an event of your choosing. There is a wide range of menus and an open bar option is also available to complete your moments.

Clique Kitchen and Bar image Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip
Join the CLIQUE!

Clique Kitchen and Bar: Galang Boulevard Gading Serpong, Blok M5. No.9A, Jakarta

Grandpa Ong:

At Grandpa Ong they want you to feel at home, take your family or friends or perhaps your customers! There is even a smoking area if you are that way inclined.

Grandpa Ong: “A great Chinese in Singapore and finally settled in Indonesia, his love of all things culinary made him explore the vast variety of Indonesian cuisine.

Entertaining Friends and Sharing Goodness is the living principle of Grandpa Ong. As a tavern that houses Goodness to all of Grandpa Ong’s Friends from all over the world, So that is Grandpa Ong’s deepest wish.

It is also a good place to have coffee and eat snacks like toast with friends. The atmosphere is cozy with artistic wooden chairs.

Grandpa Ong is a unique restaurant that presents many of the various food variations from Indonesia. They serve mainly local food favourites such as fried rice, fried noodles as well as toast.

In the evenings and into the night there is live music.

So feel free to participate in Appetti’s Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip with Grandpa Ong.

Grandpa Ong image Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip
You could take Grandma!

Grandpa Ong: Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, BSD Square, Unit B4 Lantai Ground, Jakarta, 15345

Revel Cafe:

There are two Revel Cafe’s in Jakarta and they are both in on the Appetti’s Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip!

No Pork and No Lard!

Revel, which means happy, strives to provide offerings that make their customers feel nothing but happiness.

They only serve high quality ingredients that are fresh daily, so you don’t ever have to worry about that.

Revel Cafe is a cozy, luxurious, and classy concept cafe and supported by a wide selection of delicious beverages and food at affordable prices.

Revel Cafe serves fusion food, with variants of western, indonesian, japanese, korean, and others. Revel Cafe also serves some more diverse dishes such as cake, puffle, nitrogen ice cream and bubble tea!

First there is one @ Pejaten Village

Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip Image Revel Cafe Penvill
Revel means Happiness

Revel Cafe Penvill @ Pejaten Village: GF, Jl. Warung, Jati Barat No.9, Jakarta, 12550

Then there is the one known as Revel Cafe Penvill,

Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip Image Revel Cafe
Revel in the Happiness!

Revel Cafe @  Lippo Mall Puri: @ St Moritz Lt 2, Jalan Puri Indah Raya, Blok U11, Jakarta, 11610

Lada Putih Cafe:

Lada Putih, means white pepper in Indonesian. An Asian fusion café, it was inspired by love of the delicious mixes of tangy, salty and also spicy tastes in Thai food.

Apart from Thai, there are also Chinese and Indonesian favorite dishes, which helps complete the variety of tasty dishes. They opened their doors as long ago as June 2011.

Lada Putih is owned and operated by a family along with their own dedicated team of professional staff. Because they are passionate about food and work very hard, they give the highest quality to their customers.

There is also a food delivery service and special event catering is  available for their customer’s convenience. Get along there and enter Appetti’s Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip

Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip Image Lada Putih Cafe
Asian Fusion

Lada Putih Cafe: Jl. Terogong Raya 14E, Jakarta, 12430

Bumbu Desa @ Cikini:

Another participant of our Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip and beyond to July.

Bumbu Desa first began opening venues in Laswi Bandung in 2004, establishing itself as an appreciation of the ancient cooking skills of times gone by.

Those created and nurtured by mothers and homemakers! They have contributed to the enrichment of the variety of foods from the Sunda and Indonesian cuisines.

So from ancient times to the present they have equipped themselves with hundreds of family recipes.

To this day the same ethos remains and the taste of Indonesia persists

They also offer a uniqueness and boldness, featuring village dishes that are presented in a modern way. All this made and crafted with sensational home based produce. 

Bumbu Desa Cikini image Holy Month of Ramadan Lucky Dip
Boom Boom!

Bumbu Desa @ Cikini: Jl. Cikini Raya No.72, Jakarta, 10330

AUTHOR: Appetti
09 Jul 2016

Indonesian Street Food – 5 of the best dishes

Indonesian Street Food using traditional Indonesian recipes

Anyone who’s ever travelled to Indonesia and tried Indonesian street food loves the exotic flavour and appetising smell of easy traditional Indonesian recipes.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular and absolutely delicious Indonesian street food.
Tourists and others who don’t speak Bahasa (the Indonesian language) may find it difficult to order Indonesian dishes. Displayed by most street vendors, however, are big pictures of the food they serve. It is easier for the customer to order the food they want that way.

Viewed by newcomers and especially those from the Western world, the sight of the street stalls can be quite off putting. Unlike traditional restaurants they appear to be unhygienic, but they are generally safe to eat from and the food tastes amazingly good.
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