30 Oct 2017

10 places to eat at the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai

Ibn Battuta Mall, Appetti shows off 10 places to recharge there!

Ibn Battuta Mall is a gorgeous mall in the pearl of the Middle East, Dubai. As with most shopping centres in the city, it is a very large Mall accommodating a lot of shops, restaurants and recreational facilities. What is special about the Ibn Battuta Mall, though, is its design. There are beautiful Islamic mosaics and animal statues in various sites of the shopping centre. The building is split into 6 different theme courts, Egypt, Andalusia, China, India, Persia and Tunisia. Also at the Southern end of the Mall you can find the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel. You can also take in a movie at the Ibn Battuta Cinema. So after taking a good look at the Ibn Battuta Mall map, we’ve identified 10 fabulous restaurants in the centre.
Mind you we have over 57 outlets listed on Appetti

Here they are:

  1. Anatolia
  2. Cinnabon
  3. Curry Culture
  4. Lemongrass
  5. Mashawi
  6. Piero Restaurant
  7. Soy Restaurant
  8. Urban Seafood
  9. Zaroob
  10. Xenia Cafe Lounge



Situated in the China court of the Ibn Battuta Mall, Anatolia is a Turkish Grill restaurant with long tradition and also famous for providing great quality food. You can have a 5-course meal in a relaxed but lively atmosphere. Kids are more than welcome!

Anatolia image Ibn Battuta Mall Dubai

Anatolia: China Pavilion, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, UAE


While walking around the Tunisia court you may want to reenergise your body with a delicious sugar rush. At the Cinnabon you can get heavenly tasting cinnamon rolls and some aromatic coffee to go with it. It’s one of our favourite stops on the Ibn Battuta Mall map.

Cinnabon image Ibn Battuta Mall
Cinnabon Tunisia Court, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, UAE

Cinnabon: Tunisia Court, Dubai, UAE

Curry Culture

Back to the China court, we enter Curry Culture. This is a beautiful Indian restaurant, offering dishes specifically from the northern parts of India. It has outdoors seating in case you want to see the blue sky while you are having a nice meal at the Ibn Battuta Mall.

Curry Culture image Ibn Battuta Mall
Cultural Curry how posh!

Curry Culture: China Pavilion


At the food court of the Ibn Battuta Mall there’s a small, but really good Thai restaurant called Lemongrass. It’s ideal for casual dining and customers love the value for money on site.

LemonGrass image Ibn Battuta Mall
LemonGrass live cooking apparently!

Lemongrass: Tunisia Court


The Ibn Battuta Mall map takes us once again to the China court and the Lebanese restaurant Mashawi. Food there has a homemade taste and also the furniture is designed in a way to carry the spirit of Lebanon. So it’s a pleasure to dine in this place! Bet you didn’t know that there are 3 Mashawi outlets in Dubai?

Mashawi image Ibn Battuta Mall
Mashawi Lebanese Fayre

Mashawi: China Food Court Garden

Piero Restaurant

The Piero Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Ibn Battuta Mall. The restaurant has two other branches in the same shopping centre in the Tunisia and food courts. It serves Italian cuisine and gourmet pizza and pasta dishes. There are three Piero outlets in Dubai.

Their other outlet is Tom Yum Thai Restaurant at Dragon Mart as mentioned in our blog about that Mall.

Pieros image Ibn Battuta Mall
Piero’s gourmet Pizzas

Piero: Tunisia Food Court

Soy Restaurant

Usually regarded as the best Chinese restaurant in Dubai, the Soy Restaurant is indeed one of the gems on the Ibn Battuta Mall map. The decor is contemporary with very vibrant colours and the menu features all time favourite dishes with a modern twist. There is another one at Dubai Mall you know

Soy Restaurant image Ibn Battuta Mall
Oh Soy!

Soy Restaurant: China Court

Urban Seafood

Urban Seafood restaurant offers exactly what its name suggests. Calamari rings, shrimps, lobsters, oysters, tons of fresh fish prepared with a lot of passion by dedicated and experienced chefs. The right place in the Ibn Battuta Mall to take your loved ones if you want to treat them with great food.

Urban Seafood image Ibn Battuta Mall
Urban Seafood kind of Urbanly How do they breathe?

Urban Seafood: China Court


Zaroob is an eye-catching restaurant in Ibn Battuta Mall, which stands out from the rest with its cheerful decor. The items on the menu feature street food of the Arab cuisine from small bites, to main meals and desserts.

Zaroob image Ibn Battuta Mall
Zarooba dooba!

Zaroob: China Court

Xenia Cafe Lounge

The last venue on the Ibn Battuta Mall map, which we thought you definitely need to visit is the Xenia Cafe Lounge. Again, it offers Middle Eastern cuisine and the setting of the place is also within the oriental spirit. It is a very beautiful spot to have your afternoon meal and a drink.

Xenia Cafe Lounge image Ibn Battuta
Xenia Cafe Lounge

Xenia Cafe Lounge: China Court

In conclusion

Ibn Battuta Mall is by far one of the most interesting shopping centres in Dubai and you won’t be making a mistake if you add it to your sightseeing list. Best of all – lot’s of places to kill your hunger!

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AUTHOR: Appetti