18 Jul 2017

Al Ghurair City Centre: we pick 4 cafes and 4 restaurants for you

Al Ghurair City Centre Cafes and Restaurants

Al Ghurair City is one of the pioneer shopping centres and entertainment complexes in Dubai. It was originally built on empty land and today it is attracting a huge number of local residents and tourists. In fact, Al Ghurair is one of the leading business retail centres in UAE. Also its visitors come into the place for various reasons, there’s a diverse choice of dining venues. So we’ve chosen 4 restaurants and 4 cafes that would be ideal for business meetings or catching up with friends in the Al Ghurair Mall. You could perhaps take in a movie at  the Al Ghurair Cinema after too.

  1. Atisuto
  2. Charley’s Philly Steaks
  3. Elevation Burger
  4. Lemongrass Thai Restaurant
  5. Cafe Supreme
  6. Caffe Divino
  7. Dome Cafe
  8. Seattle’s Best Coffee



Atisuto is also a classy Japanese restaurant in Al Ghurair City where it seems you can savour all the gems of Far Eastern cuisine. Sushi, traditional Japanese soups and main courses, you name it, it’s all in the Atisuto’s menu. The setting is semi-casual, ideal for small celebrations for grown-ups and / or work-related meetings.

Atisuto image Al Ghurair City Centre
Atisuto divers Japans cuisine

Atisuto: Next to Spinneys Al Ghurair City Centre, 1C, Street, Deira, Dubai UAE

Charley’s Philly Steaks

Charley’s Philly Steaks brings favourite American grabs to the Al Ghurair City. They don’t necessarily focus on steaks as the name would suggest, but also offer some deli sandwiches, burgers and yummy sides. All all-rounder place to eat.

Charley's Philly Steaks image Al Ghurair city
Philly your boots!

Charley’s Philly Steaks: Al Ghurair City Centre, Dubai UAE

Elevation Burger

What more burgers! The Elevation Burger restaurant, however, offers just as delicious, but much healthier options. The ingredients used, from the meat to the veggies are organic and also of high quality. The atmosphere is unpretentious, therefore you could go there with the kids or friends and enjoy a good meal.

Elevation Burgers image Al Ghurair City
Elevation takes you to a new level!

Elevation Burger: Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, Dubai UAE

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant

For a well-rounded dining experience in the Al Ghurair Mall go to the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant. You’ll be served beautiful and tasty Thai dishes by friendly and smiling staff. It is also the ideal place to take your potential business partner to.

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant: Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, Dubai UAE

Cafe Supreme

Jumping to some of the most popular cafes now, our first stop is Cafe Supreme. It’s one of the most affordable food and drinks venues in Al Ghurair City Centre. So apart from some lovely soft drinks you can also get hearth baked pizza, available in different sizes to suit the size of your tummy.

Cafe Supreme image al Ghurair city
A supreme experience

Cafe Supreme: Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, Dubai UAE

Caffe Divino

So it seems the name does not lie. Because in the Caffe Divino, you will indeed have a divine experience, combining a favourite hot or cold drink with heavenly flavours of ice cream. This could also be a paradise for your children during a visit to the Al Ghurair Mall.

Caffe Divino image al ghurair city
Divine Divino!

Caffe Divino: First Floor C71, Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, Dubai UAE

Dome Cafe

Dome Cafe is one of the best Australian cafe chains which has gone international. At the Al Ghurair City it is a prefered venue for business brunches and also a good starting point of any busy day. After all, what can give you a better kickstart in the morning than a cup of aromatic coffee?

Dome cafe image al ghurair city
There’s no place like Dome!

Dome Cafe: Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, Dubai UAE

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Last but not least, we come to the subsidiary of Starbucks, the Seattle’s Best Coffee. The cafe is also very popular among young people, whether residents, working professionals or tourists. The emphasis is on the specialty drinks, but there are also plenty of quick fix options to satisfy your hunger.

Seattle's best coffee image al ghurair city
Seattle down now!

Seattle’s Best Coffee: Shop H3, Ground Floor, Al Ghurair City Centre, Deira, Dubai UAE


Finally Al Ghurair is a multi-cultural complex, hosting hundreds of shops and also many restaurants and cafes. So wherever you decide to go, it is unlikely you will leave disappointed.

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AUTHOR: Appetti