24 Sep 2017

Arabian Center Restaurants brought to you by Appetti

Arabian Center Dubai a great place to eat from Appetti

Arabian Center Dubai is another massive shopping mall in  where you can also find and do pretty much everything you can think of. Your shopping experience will certainly not be limited to fashion and gadgets. In the mall there are also department stores, beauty salons, furniture retailers, jewellery shops and books, cards and gifts shops. The Arabian Center cinema shows the most recent world premieres in comfortable seats and on huge screens. The entertainment for children is endless, from bouncy castles to indoor skating. In the mall there’s also a whole medical centre, a few pharmacies and a gym. With so many things to do people usually get very hungry and beacause we want you to always have the best food no matter where you are, we’ve chosen our top 5 Arabian Center restaurants. Find the Arbian Center location and Arabian Centre timings.

  1. Applebee’s
  2. Hatam
  3. DipnDip
  4. Vanelli’s
  5. Tony Roma’s


Healthy eating is the key for good and long life. Applebee’s at the Arabian Center strives to provide exactly that for all their customers. Heavenly delicious grilled specialties are preceded by exciting appetizers and entrees, all prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. Applebee’s is hit in the Middle East and all the other 12 countries around the world they’ve opened an outlet. Great food is loved by everyone!

AppleBees image arasbian center

Applebee’s: Arabian Center, Al Khawaneej Road, Al Mizhart, Dubai, UAE


Time to dig deep into the Middle Eastern culture and Persian in particular. The Persians had not only a great empire but also a fantastic taste in food, which today is still kept alive in Hatam, one of the best Iranian restaurants in the Arabian Center. Your dining experience here will be like no other with a mystic atmosphere, brilliant service and incredibly tasty food.

Hatam Image Arabian Center
Hat am me Coat?

Hatam: Arabian Center, Al Khawaneej Road, Alk Mizhart, Dubai, UAE


We’d save this for the end of the list, but chocolate is relevant all the time, always and anywhere. So if you are strolling around the Arabian Center don’t forget to stop at the Dipndip and recharge your battery with some heart-warming, tastebuds-tingling amazing chocolate desserts. Another great feature of the place – an open kitchen, so you can see the cocoa masterpieces are created.

DipnDip image Arabian Center
Dip n Dip again!

DipnDip: Arabian Center, Al Khawaneej Road, Alk Mizhart, Dubai, UAE


Usually when you hear pizza you don’t necessarily think of it as healthy food. But it can be! In Vanellis, another one of the great Arabian Center restaurants, chefs make sure that everything they put in your pizzas and pasta dishes has high nutritional value and impacts your health in the best way possible. What could be better than comfort food that is also absolutely healthy?


Vanellis: Arabian Center, Al Khawaneej Road, Alk Mizhart, Dubai, UAE

Tony Roma’s

Since we are talking about insanely delicious food, we also can’t pass by Tony Roma’s. That’s an Arabian Center restaurant where you can savour the best ribs and grilled meat. It started as a small family venture in Florida decades ago, but the brand has now grown and spread onto 6 continents! A fan of seafood? No problem, they will serve you jaw-dropping specialties here so you will find yourself licking your fingers at the end.

Tony Roma's image Arabian Centre Dubai
Roamer over to Tony’s

Tony Roma’s: Arabian Center, Al Khawaneej Road, Alk Mizhart, Dubai, UAE

The Prologue

So this is just a small part of all the dining options you have at the Arabian Center.

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AUTHOR: Appetti