02 Aug 2017

Burjuman Mall Dubai Appetti’s choice of 10 places to find sustenance!

Appetti highlights 10 eateries in BurJuman Mall Dubai

Burjuman is one of the oldest shopping centres in Dubai. It has not been built purely for tourists because it is located in a residential area of the city and apart from BurJuman shops and restaurants it also accommodates the very famous BurJuman business tower, hotel rooms and apartments and even some residential flats. But now let’s come back to what we are really interested in – the 40 dining spaces in the BurJuman Mall. There are also BurJuman shops and even a BurJuman cinema Here’s our suggested ten eateries to visit.

  1. Barrio Fiesta
  2. Big Daddy’s
  3. California Pizza Kitchen
  4. Koryo
  5. London Fish and Chips restaurant
  6. Red Shrimp
  7. Shakespeare and Co
  8. Tangerine
  9. The Gallery
  10. Tapa King

Barrio Fiesta

The exciting taste of Filipino Cuisine is brought to Dubai and the BurJuman mall by Barrio Fiesta. The restaurant serves fine traditional dishes and also popular drinks in a bubbly atmosphere with authentic decor and friendly staff.

BurJuman Mall image Barrio Fiesta
No Barrio to this Fiesta!

Barrio Fiesta: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Big Daddy’s

Big Daddy’s is another American fast food chain, also loved by young and old all over the world. The setting in the BurJuman Centre is so very colourful and cosy. A great place to catch up with a friend over a filling burger or tempting crepes.

Big Daddy's image BurJuman Mall
We wonder if Big Daddy has long legs?

Big Daddy’s: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

California Pizza Kitchen

Perhaps you can taste the Californian lifestyle by visiting California Pizza Kitchen in BurJuman. Because they offer so much more than just pizza. The also serve crunchy buffalo wings, healthy salads and succulent steaks. As well as  stylishly presented shortcakes and icy cocktails you will be left completely satisfied with every item on the menu.

California Pizza Kitchen image BurJuman Mall
California Dreaming

California Pizza Kitchen: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


So do you love Korean BBQ? Then you should definitely go to Koryo at the BurJuman Centre. They have everything you may want – chicken, beef and seafood dishes for the meat lovers. Also veggie platters and stews for vegetarians.

Koryo image BurJuman mall
Koryo ‘n Regardless

Koryo: Level 3, Mankhool, BurJuman Centre, 52, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

London Fish and Chips

So what do you think is the best western food? Well we think it’s fish and chips! This famous traditional British dish is also extremely popular in Asia. But if you are after authenticity, you should be getting your portion at the London Fish and Chips restaurant in the BurJuman Centre.

London Fish and Chip restaurant image Burjuman Mall
Maybe it’s big horse I’m a Londoner!

London Fish and Chips Restaurant: BurJuman Centre, 48, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Red Shrimp

Now if you are hungry for more seafood, we have another delightful suggestion – the Red Shrimp. It’s located on level 3 of the Burjuman Centre and serves sushi dishes, fish specials and also refreshing drinks. Every recipe has been tweaked by the chef to carry the uniqueness of the brand.

Red Shrimp image BurJuman Mall
Must be shy ….. Red Shrimp

Red Shrimp: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Shakespeare and Co.

Shakespeare and Co. is the absolute top-notch place for sophisticated dining in the BurJuman mall. Bring a date to make a lasting impression or a potential business partner. So show you have class and enjoy the finest dishes of the international cuisine.

Shakespeare and Co. Image BurJuman Mall
Should have called it Just William!

Shakespeare and Co: BurJuman Centre, Level 1, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


This brilliant Thai restaurant also just opened their new branch in the BurJuman Centre. Right in front of the BurJuman Carrefour store. At Tangerine they focus on traditional specialties from the Far Eastern cuisine and also have excellent customer service.

Tangerine Image BurJuman Mall
Hey Mr Tangerine Man !

Tangerine: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

The Gallery

Now The Gallery is another fine dining restaurant in BurJuman. The customers here can also savour the world famous specialties from Asia, the Middle East and Europe in a classy setting. All served by well-trained and experienced staff.

The Gallery image BurJuman Mall
Where’s the Oil Paintings?

The Gallery: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

Tapa King

So to finish off our list of the best 10 restaurants in the BurJuman Centre we are going to offer you something lighter. So good for the soul it seems. Tapa King is a Filipino brand offering good quality food at an affordable price. For all comfort eaters, that’s probably a heaven on earth.

Tapa King: BurJuman Centre, 56, Sheikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE


The BurJuman Centre is a place where you can eat, sleep, work and also enjoy yourself. Any ideas where you will be starting from?

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AUTHOR: Appetti