23 Oct 2017

From over 50 outlets we show you 10 in City Centre Deira to recharge in!

City Centre Deira: a great shopping mall plus entertainment and eating

City Centre Deira is another massive mall in Dubai. It is relatively old, but also has a great directory of shopping, entertainment and dining venues. The main attraction at the City Centre is the Magic Planet, featuring video games and theme rides for children and young adults. Also the City Centre Deira Vox Cinema is very popular among the residents and tourists because it has 11 screens 2 of which are 3D Digital RealD and one is Extreme Screen Digital. So if you get hungry or thirsty, there are over 50 places where you can grab a bite and a refreshing drink. Check out our Dubai City Page to see more information about the vibrant city of Dubai.

We’ve picked 10 for you.

  1. Al Safeer
  2. Bistro Domino
  3. Bombay Chowpatty
  4. Caribou Coffee
  5. China Times
  6. La Fabrique
  7. Max Burger
  8. PotBelly Sandwich
  9. Texas Roadhouse
  10. Vertigo Bar

Al Safeer

Al Safeer is a casual dining restaurant in City Centre Deira serving typical Arab and Middle Eastern cuisine. The food and the setting are not really posh but you get fantastic value for money and also absolutely delicious meal to have on your own or in the company of a good friend.

Al Safeer image City Centre Deira
It might be Safeer to eat here?

Appetti lists 4 outlets for Al Safeer!

Al Safeer: City Center Deira, Shop 185, First Floor, Al Ittihad Street,  Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

Bistro Domino

Do you like the flavour and colours of the Mediterranean cuisine? Bistro Domino at the City Centre Deira brings favourite recipes from that region to the Middle East. Apart from mouth-watering dishes, you will be able to enjoy also some alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to complete your dining experience.

Bistro Domino: Opposite City Center Deira, 8th Street, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

Bombay Chowpatty

So are we creating more excitement for your tastebuds! Next, we are taking you to the Bombay Chowpatty. Here you can savour street food from all regions of India. Mumbai-style burger, Punjabi samosa, Chicken Tikka, Mutton Biryani, you name it. Indeed, it is an amazing place to dine in the City Centre Deira. There are plenty of other Bombay Chowpatty outlets in Dubai.

Bombay Chowpatty image city centre deira
Chow Down @ Bombay Chowpatty!

Bombay Chowpatty: City Center Deira, Food Court, Level 2, 8th Street, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

Caribou Coffee

It’s very unlikely for you to feel hot when you are in the City Centre Deira mall, because all shopping centres, hotels and restaurants in Dubai are well air-conditioned. However just the thought that you are in the middle of the desert may make you want to get yourself an icy refreshing drink. So you can do that in the Caribou Coffee where they have a wide selection of caffeine and non-caffeine, hot and cold beverages for children and adults.

Would you believe there are 26 yes 26 Caribou Coffee outlets in Dubai?

Caribou Coffee image City Centre Deira
Caribou Coffee x 26 in Dubai!

Caribou Coffee: BR014, Mezzanine Level, City Center Deira,  Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

China Times

You could hardly see a list of great dining places in the City Centre Dubai where China Times is not mentioned. It’s also a colourful restaurant serving traditional Chinese dishes with heartwarming taste and flavour.

China Times: City Center Deira, C04, Second Level, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

La Fabrique

City Centre Deira also has venues for those who want to have some fun after dark. La Fabrique is a sports bar where you can dance and have some drinks and finger foods with friends and colleagues. Celebrities are often spotted there too.

La Fabrique image city centre deira
La Fabrique feel the quality not the width!

La Fabrique: Pullman Hotel, City Center Deira, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

Max Burger

So you feel like eating in McDonald’s but actually want something better? Go to Max Burger in the City Centre Deira mall. You can order a generous meal deal with a tasty burger of your choice and favourite sides and soft drinks.

Max Burgers image City Centre Deira
Burgers to the Max!

Max Burger: City Center Deira, Food Court, Level 2, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

PotBelly Sandwich

And if the previous venue is still too unhealthy for you, we have another suggestion – the PotBelly Sandwich. This member of the City Centre Deira family serves handcrafted sandwiches with high quality and nutritious ingredients.

Potbelly Sandwich image City Centre Deira
Now that is a a Potbelly Sandwich for sure!

PotBelly Sandwich: City Center Deira,First Floor, Al Ittihad Street,  Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

Texas Roadhouse

Nothing feels better than a good juicy steak after a long day shopping with the wife and kids. If you are in a scenario like this we recommend Texas Roadhouse where you can also enjoy the taste of fine beef and a cold beer. This is just 1 of the 4 Texas Roadhouse venues in Dubai.

Texas Roadhouse image City Centre Deira
Get on down to Texas yeeeehaaaa!

Texas RoadHouse: City Center Deira, 8th Street, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

Vertigo Bar

When you are having a dinner and a good night out with friends City Centre Deira still has a brilliant venue to offer – such as the Vertigo Bar. Get a full table of local specialties and also stay till late having drinks, talking and having fun.

Vertigo image City Centre Deira
Feeling Dizzy?

Vertigo Bar: City Center Deira, 8th Street, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE

In Conclusion

The City Centre Deira mall has proven to be a place for everyone and there are restaurants, bars, cafes and also other entertainment venues that can suit any budget.



AUTHOR: Appetti