07 Oct 2017

Appetti guides you through restaurants in Dubai’s Dragon Mart centres

Dragon Mart 1 and 2 places to eat from Appetti

Dragon Mart is an enormous shopping centre created especially for Chinese wholesalers who are entering new markets through the Middle East. It’s extremely popular with local and North African customers. The shopping centre was such a success that Mart 2 was built in 2015 with over 175,000 square metres of retail space and 4,500 parking slots. With so much potential for business, it is only logical there there would be numerous restaurants and cafes in the two malls. We have picked 3 dining venues in the  Dragon Mart’s centre to present to you.

  1. Automatic Restaurant
  2. Santino’s
  3. Tom Yum Thai Restaurant
  4. Barbecue Delights
  5. Magic Wok
  6. Shamiana

Automatic Restaurant

The Automatic Restaurant in the original Dragon Mart building serves delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine. The prices there are average and the atmosphere is also very calm and cosy. The portions are quite generous and the customers enjoy fine mixture of grilled and cooked meals. If you live in the area or you stay in a nearby hotel you can also order a home delivery and have a little feast from the comfort of your bed.

Automatic Restaurant: Food Court Dragon Mart, Oman – Hatta Road, Dubai, UAE


So going off to the Dragon Mart 2, we’d love to take a seat at Santino’s. If you are also in the mood for some authentic Italian pizza, join us! The menu will also spoil you for choice with fresh dough and high quality ingredients. All carefully selected to create a masterpiece of a handmade pizza.

Santino's image Dragon Mart
Santino’s Dragon Mart 2

Santino’s: Food Court Dragon Mart 2, Oman – Hatta Road, Dubai, UAE

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant

So now back to the original Dragon Mart, we are now taking you to Tom Yum Thai Restaurant. As its name suggests, the place serves specialties from the Thai cuisine such as crumb fried shrimps, satay gai, som tam goong and many others. The prices are also very reasonable and a couple can have a pretty decent dinner without wrecking their budget.

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant Image Dragon Mall
Tom Yummy Yum Yum!

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant: Level 1, Food Court Dragon Mart, Oman – Hatta Road, Dubai, UAE

Barbecue Delights

Dragon Mart 2 can also offer you a fantastic blend of Central and South Asian cuisines in the Barbecue Delights restaurant. Here you can savour specialties from Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India. It’s perfect for casual diners who insist on good quality food with unique taste and exciting flavour.

Barbecue Delights Image Dragon Mart
Always thought it was Turkish Delights but BBQ will do nicely!

Barbecue Delights: Food Court Dragon Mart 2, Oman – Hatta Road, Dubai, UAE

How many Barbecue Delights are there in Dubai?

Magic Wok

It only makes sense that in a huge Chinese wholesaler retail space there is an excellent Chinese restaurant. Magic Wok is located in the Dragon 2 centre as well and serves daily special menus in addition to the traditional soups, appetizers and mains. The prices are also affordable and the food is always freshly prepared and totally tasty.

Magic Wok image Dragon Mart
Looks Magical!

Magic Wok: Food Court Dragon Mart 2, Oman – Hatta Road, Dubai, UAE


One last time, we are staying at Mart 2 for some more lovely Indian food. The samosa at Shamiana is simply amazing some of the other stars of the menu are Butter Chicken and Chole Bhature. The restaurant provides really good value for money and a nice and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy your dinner in.

Shamiana Image Dragon Mart
It’s a Shamiana there aren’t more!

Shamiana: Food Court Dragon Mart 2, Oman – Hatta Road, Dubai, UAE

Wanna know where the other Shamianas are in Dubai?

In conclusion:

Both shopping centres also have a lot to offer to anyone who is keen on exploring good dining places. So for more great restaurants in those malls simply search our website. So Bon Appetti!


You may have noticed that most of the outlets here are part of the Hot Brands International company see what else they offer.

AUTHOR: Appetti