17 Oct 2017

Dubai Outlet Mall 5 Places to Recharge after some hectic shopping!

Dubai Outlet Mall Offers some great places to eat here are Appetti’s 5

The Dubai Outlet Mall location makes it an extremely popular destination for families with children and young people. It’s situated in Dubailand, a huge entertainment theme park. The shopping centre has been welcoming customers for 10 years and has been a temporary home to a concert venue called “Autism Rocks Arena”. This year a permanent venue opened doors and currently has the capacity to accommodate 45,000 spectators. With all these people coming to the Dubai Outlet Mall to have fun, the shopping centre surely need a great selection of dining venues. We are going to take to a few great spots on the Dubai Outlet Mall map.

  1. Chowking
  2. Chuck e Cheese
  3. Curries & Grills
  4. Panda Chinese
  5. Piero Restaurant


Chowking is a casual restaurant at the Dubai Outlet Mall where you can enjoy both traditional Chinese meals and fantastic seafood dishes. It is definitely a place for healthy eaters who don’t want to spend too much money, but still enjoy top notch quality. Some of the highlights of the menu include Nasi Goreng, Veg Manchurian and of course, the Dim Sum platter.

Did you know there are 13 Chowking outlets on Appetti?

Chowking Image Dubai Outlet Mall
We are not Chowking it is great!

Chowking: Food Court, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road, Dubai UAE

Chuck e Cheese

Although most of the restaurants in the Dubai Outlet Mall are kids-friendly, Chuck e Cheese is the ultimate choice when you have your little ones at the shopping centre. On the menu you can find predominantly party food, because the venue is regular host of kids birthday parties and other special occasions. There are many entertainment facilities including a merry-go-round, bowling, roller skating area and various prize machines.

Chuck e Cheese image dubai outlet mall
Chuck e Cheese what more is there to say?

Chuck e Cheese: Food Court, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road, Dubai UAE

Curries & Grills

Moving to our next destination on the Dubai Outlet Mall map to reach Curries & Grills. This is again a casual restaurant serving Indian cuisine. The menu is not too pricy and features all time favourite dishes, so it is easy to get nostalgic if you are an Indian expat in Dubai.

Curries and Grill Image Dubai Outlet Mall
Hurry Hurry get a Curry!
Don’t sit still get a Grill!

Curries & Grills: Food Court, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road, Dubai UAE

Amazing as it may seem Appetti has over 380 venues that feature Curries in Dubai there must be one near you NO?

Panda Chinese

Panda Chinese is part of the Chinese Palace restaurant group, but this outlet is targeted at young and playful customers and is a perfect fit for the Dubai Outlet Mall location. Also the quality of the food is just as great as in the main Chinese Palace restaurants and the staff members are very friendly and helpful. The setting is quite unpretentious, but the service is very quick so if you are really hungry you won’t have to wait long for your food.

Panda Chinese Image Dubai Outlet Mall
They will Panda to your tastes!

Panda Chinese: Food Court, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road, Dubai UAE

Piero Restaurant

Finally if you love Italian cuisine, you need to visit Piero Restaurant at the Dubai Outlet Mall. Although the menu is not very long but its main dishes all revolve around classic pizza and pasta recipes. There are some grilled meals you can have as well, such as chicken, fish and beef, garnished with fresh veggies, fries, rice or mash potatoes. The pricing is average and the quality – outstanding. It is certainly worth a stop.

Piero restaurant image Dubai Outlet Mall
Piero Inside for a sneak peek!

Piero Restaurant: Food Court, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road, Dubai UAE


Finally this is a great place to shop but also a fun place to eat.

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AUTHOR: Appetti