24 Aug 2017

Galleria Mall Dubai restaurants to entice you

5 Appetti showcased Galleria Mall Dubai Restaurants

Galleria Mall is located in the heart of Jumeirah and is designed as a boutique shopping centre. It is home to world famous labels and provides entertainment for young and old. Parents can have a break at some of the cafes while their children climb walls or do other fun stuff to use up their energy. Ladies can also treat themselves to a gorgeous manicure at the mall’s nails salon. The Galleria Mall Dubai restaurants are also interesting and vary in cuisine, price range and other features. So here are our top 5 contains the following places:

  1. Tashas
  2. Karam Cafe
  3. Slider Station
  4. Cocoa Room
  5. Taste Of Italy


Tashas is a beautiful boutique cafe at Galleria Mall Dubai where you can be yourself. It was created by a food lover who believes good meals are the basis of every long-lasting memory. The food is simple but also filling and tasty. If you are looking for a good start to the day, because a breakfast at Tashas will give you just the right kick off.

Tashas Image Galleria Mall Dubai
Get a Smash at Tashas!

Tashas: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Street, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Karam Cafe

Karam Cafe serves popular Lebanese cuisine and also refreshing drinks to its customers at Galleria Mall Dubai. So it is the ideal place to catch up with friends over dinner with some modern and traditional dishes and a glass of a special mocktail or shisha.

Karam Cafe image Galleria Mall Dubai

Karam Cafe: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Street, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Slider Station

You’ve seen plenty conveyor belt sushi restaurants, but have you ever been to a place that serves burgers on a conveyor belt? One of the Galleria Mall Dubai restaurants, Slider Station, is apparently the first in the world to think of the idea and implement it. Apart from deli burgers, you can also choose American tapas, flat breads, grilled meals and desserts, all strolling before your eyes.

Slider Station image Galleria Mall Dubai
Slippery Slider

Slider Station: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Street, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Cocoa Room

We just mentioned desserts on a conveyor belt. Well, they are provided by the Cocoa Room, the Slider Station’s in house chocolatier. If your sweet tooth often bothers you, then the Cocoa Room may be the best breakfast place at the Galleria Mall Dubai for you. Just the sound of Raspberry and White Chocolate pancakes is enough to melt the heart of anyone who likes indulging in these small guilty chocolate pleasures. The drinks are also focused on this lovely cocoa creation and there are at least 4 types of hot chocolate on the menu that will bring you joy the moment you sip from the cup.

Cocoa Room Image Galleria Mall Dubai
Cocoa Room for more

Cocoa Room: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Street, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Taste of Italy

It’s only logical to finish our list of great Galleria Mall Dubai restaurants with something exclusive. Taste of Italy was created by the Michelin star chef Heinz Beck who wanted to provide gourmet Italian cuisine but keep its authenticity. The food is a true artistic masterpiece and a celebration for all human senses. The recipes have been collected from different regions of Italy and then chef Beck added his own twist of a top class culinary artist. The atmosphere in the venue is also quite relaxed and it’s great to have a dinner with family and friends there.

Tasty Italiano image Galleria Mall Dubai
Tasty Italiano

Tatse of Italy: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Street, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

And in the end:

Finally Galleria Mall Dubai restaurants are diverse and cater for different occasions and tastes. So whichever you pick, you won’t be disappointed.

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AUTHOR: Appetti