29 Sep 2017

Mercato Mall, iconic Shopping Mall, here are 5 places to eat there

Appetti’s pick of 5 Mercato Mall restaurants!

Mercato Mall is an architectural and design masterpiece. The interior is set up in a way to make the shopping centre look like a Mediterranean town from the Renaissance era. Also its name comes from the Italian word for market – mercato. The Mercato Mall location is prime, right in the heart of one of the most beautiful districts in Dubai, Jumeirah. Of course, there are many restaurants and cafes in the Mercato Mall, ready to welcome you warmly. Today we’ve selected the top 5 but there are 16 listed on Appetti.com

  1. Azkadenya
  2. Chinese Palace Restaurant
  3. Hardee’s
  4. Noon O kabab
  5. RossoVivo


Azkadenya is an extraordinary restaurant in the Mercato Mall location serving Arabic cuisine with a modern twist. It is a chain brand, part of the Majid El Futaim group. Also the setting of the restaurant is contemporary with illustrations on the walls and simplified seating. Some of the items of the menu are specially created by the Azkadenya chefs so set the tone of the Middle Eastern food scene.

Azkadenya image Mercato Mall

Azkadenya: Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Chinese Palace Restaurant

The Mercato Mall location, in the residential area of Jumeirah, suggests that there will be many restaurants where expats can experience the feeling of being home. One of these restaurants is Chinese Palace, which has also been a number one destination for all Chinese residents in Dubai, since its opening years ago. So on the menu one can find traditional food from the heart of China, prepared in a homemade style.

Chinese Place Restaurant Image Mercato Mall
Chinese Place Restaurant Mercato Mall

Appetti has 8 Chinese Palace Restaurants listed want to see them all? HERE They are

Chinese Palace Restaurant: Shop Number 5, First Floor, Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE


Quick bite time? Hardee’s another Mercato Mall location have some of the greatest deli burgers and ribs of all times. Indulge yourself in some fantastic grilled meat between soft buns and melting cheese, you also can burn the calories later shopping at the numerous Mercato Mall stores. Of course there are also more healthy options with low carbs, low fat, gluten free and veggies.

Hardee's image Mercato Mall
There are literally 100’s of outlets in the ME, We list 13 in Dubai!

Hardee’s: First Floor, Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Noon & Kabab

So when was the last time you tried Persian food? We know a place at the Mercato Mall that you might want to go back to all the time. It’s the Noon & Kabab. The brand has so many awards for quality and innovation and is the most popular Persian restaurant chain in the UAE. The founder of Noon & Kabab takes huge pride in the authentic dishes with rich flavours and remarkable taste, which also promote healthy lifestyle. So what more could you ask for really?

Noon O Kabab image Mercato Mall
12 O’Clock = Noon & Kabab

Noon & Kabab: Shop #4, First Floor, Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE


Italian cuisine is one of the most popular around the world. There’s almost no place on any continent where you can’t find a good Italian restaurant. So the Mercato Mall is no exception. Here we recommend RossoVivo, the place where old-time traditional pizza recipes come to life. Also for the ultimate enjoyment of your taste buds. There are also more than 20 different pizzas you can choose from. As well as appetizers, sides and tempting desserts. Mmm, mamma mia!

Appetti has 5 RossoVivo restaurants listed

RossoVivo image Mercato Mall
Surely they are not all red!

RossoVivo: First Floor, Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Mercato Mall conclusion

The Mercato Mall location also makes it a prefered destination for the local residents and business people staying for a longer period for work. The restaurants in the shopping centre also fit just about any taste, lifestyle and food preference. So there will be no struggle in deciding what to have for dinner.

AUTHOR: Appetti