11 Sep 2017

Mirdif City Centre 5 Eateries for you to try

Appetti let’s you see 5 Mirdif City Centre Food Court Restaurants

Mirdif City Centre is located in a residential area, so it makes sense that it strives to be a green mall so highly environmentally friendly. The shopping centre has numerous entertainment options, some of which are one of a kind.

It is almost like a little Disney World, here they are:

iFly Dubai

Experience human body flight, iFLY Dubai is where you can!
Skydiving indoors is realistic for seasoned skydivers, safe for kids, challenging for adults, exhilarating, for teenagers. So no experience is needed.


Orbi Dubai mixes the BBC Earth’s unique nature content with cutting edge technology from SEGA. Creating a game changing entertainment experience for all guests. So Orbi Dubai will emerse visitors in nature through multi-sensory stories of our planet.

Little Explorers

An exciting mix of education and entertainment for children from two to seven years old. Focussing on acquiring skills and learning in a safe, fun environment is the goal of Little Explorers

Magic Planet

Lots of games, rides, and also attractions you can enjoy. Magic Planet is an ideal space to have a fun-filled day that the complete family can enjoy. Dubai’s largest indoor family entertainment centre is Magic Planet. Designed to bring out the child in you, it all also definitely turns magical for you at Magic Planet.

Magic Planet – Skytrail

Skytrail is located next to the 8 meter climbing wall, so not easy to miss. You can get to Skytrail through an auto belay system or if you want to be more adventurous, get there by climbing the wall.

Yalla Bowling

Whilst the game of bowling is not new in Dubai, Yalla is different. The ambiance at Yalla is unique. The lanes and lounge is fresh and will create a new benchmark for the indoor bowling experience.

There is also a great pool area (bring your cossie, JOKE!) and the latest video games can be found.

VOX Cinema

Mirdif City Centre’s VOX Cinema has 10- screens. 2 of which are VOX GOLD cinemas Premium cinemas with exclusive VOX GOLD lounges, crystal clear images & reclining seats to give you a completely different and exclusive cinema experience.

You can also experience VOX 4DX which is an immersive cinematic experience. This includes motion seats and effects like rain, mist, windiness, thunder and lightning & even smells! Hopefully not bad odours please!

Shopping and refuelling:

The shops represent huge designer brands and some high street fashion retailers. In the Mirdif City Centre there are two food courts with fantastic restaurants and cafes, catering to all tastes and budgets.

With all that activity and also, of course, some retail activity, you will need to recharge.

So here’s our list.

  1. Chin Chin
  2. Gazebo
  3. Baja Fresh
  4. Leil Nhar
  5. Kcal Healthy Fast Food

Chin Chin

From a luxury for some we move to comfort food for all. Chin Chin is the go to place at the Mirdif City Centre when you have a craving for good Chinese food served quickly and in huge portions. Also, the value for money here is definitely great. Simple food, amazing taste!

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Chin Chin image Mirdif City Centre
Chin Chin, Cheers, Salut Whatever!

Chin Chin: Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE


Gazebo is one of the most popular restaurants in the Mirdif City Centre food court. Because this venue serves innovative Indian cuisine playing on fusion of flavours and tastes. This also makes the restaurant a brilliant place for food enthusiasts who want to try something different and creative.

Gazebo Image Mirdif City Centre
Don’t be so Shellfish!

Gazebo: Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE

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Baja Fresh

There’s almost no mall in Dubai that doesn’t host a Mexican restaurant. So the Mirdif City Centre is not an exception. Baja Fresh serves authentic Mexican food also with extra healthy value. All the ingredients are also fresh and carefully selected to create a really good meal for the mind and body. So from green salads with seafood to grilled meat and tasty tacos, Baja Fresh is also one place where you don’t have to worry you’ll ruin your weight loss programme. There its also another Baja Fresh to be found in Dubai.

Baja Fresh Image Mall of the Emirates
Fresh from Baja

Baja Fresh: Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE

Leil Nhar

Leil Nhar is also a fairly unpretentious restaurant at the Mirdif City Center food court. They serve some popular Lebanese dishes as well as pizza and other fast food items. There are some yummy desserts on the menu and you can also order a shisha pipe if you like it or just want to explore the Arab culture.

Leil Nhar image midriff city centre
Leil Nhar

Leil Nhar: Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE

Kcal Healthy Fast Food

Healthy and fast food don’t normally come in the same sentence without a negative particle. But not in the case of this amazing Mirdif City restaurant, though. Kcal Healthy Fast Food provides delicious food and drinks you can have on the go, but they are prepared with ingredients that will have good impact on your health instead of be harmful in any way.

Kcal Healthy Fast food image Mirdif City Centre
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Kcal Healthy Fast Food: Mirdif City Centre, Dubai, UAE

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And in the End………….

So the Mirdif City Centre food court has numerous options for all customers and their preferences. Sometimes it’s hard to choose because there are so many great venues. Have you chosen where are you eating at next?

So why not try our many other venues at Mirdif City Centre?

AUTHOR: Appetti