29 Aug 2017

Appetti suggests 5 places to eat at the Times Square Center Mall Dubai

Appetti’s choice of 5 Times Square Center Restaurants

In comparison to the other Dubai malls we’ve written about, the Times Square Center Mall is actually quite small. It accommodates about 40 stores but some big international brands show up in the directory, such as Toys R Us, Mobilia and others. Most of the food venues are cafes or fast food vendors but there are also a few restaurants where you can have a good meal from various international cuisines. So we’ve picked a mixture of quick bite spots and full-on restaurants to give you enough options when you want to dine in Times Square Center restaurants.

  1. Chillout Ice Lounge
  2. Attibassi Cafe
  3. Barry’s Bench
  4. Cultures
  5. Biella


Chillout Ice Lounge

What if you could enjoy a glass of a great drink in an ice cave in the middle of the desert? That’s very much a reality in Times Square Center. The Chillout Ice Lounge looks like the ice castle of Elsa, the princess from the popular Disney movie Frozen. It is a very unusual venue, to say the least. In terms of food and drinks you can enjoy hot soups and a mug of coffee, tea or other warming beverages. Sandwiches and desserts are also on the menu.


Chillout Ice Lounge image Times Square Center
You will definitely keep your cool here!

Chillout Ice Lounge: Ground Floor, Times Square Centre Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE

Attibassi Cafe

Next stop on the Times Square Center restaurants and cafes tour is a more traditional venue. Attibassi Cafe serves aromatic Italian coffee in many variations, as well as high quality tea and also delicious hot chocolate. For those who want to add some food to the drinks, there are many options for a healthy sandwich feast or an enticing dessert reward.

Attibassi image Times Square Center
Attibassi Mastery of Coffee

Attibassi: Level 1, Times Square Centre Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE

Barry’s Bench

Still looking for something different? Here comes a full on Tex-Mex restaurant in Times Square Center. Barry’s Bench is part of the Jackberrys Group and it’s one of the first places to serve authentic Mexican food in Dubai. The restaurant is kid friendly and can cater for all sorts of celebration both on site and at your own venue. Some menu items may be a little pricey, but it’s the quality you are paying for.

Barry's Bench image Times square center
Barry’s Bench now that should give you something to work on – like an Appetite

Barry’s Bench: Times Square Centre Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE


Times Square Center is home to another one of the Jackberrys Group restaurants. Cultures is very different from Barry’s Bench as it serves mainly Japanese cuisine but it also has other international food options. It’s a self-service restaurant with an open kitchen which makes the experience more exciting and interesting. Healthy drinks are also available on the menu and perfectly complement the carefully crafted food.

Cultures image Times Square Center
The Cultures are in the Menu!

Culture: Times Square Centre Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE


Our last pick from the best Times Square Center restaurants is Biella. This is a lovely Italian restaurant where they are very passionate about the quality of food that is served. This is why they make all their pasta, desserts and breads in-house, a pure guarantee for authenticity and home-made taste. Love fish? Biella serves some of the best fresh fish dishes in town. You need to check it out.

Biella image Times Square Center
Every Thing is a Bella @ Biella!

Biella: Ground Floor, Times Square Centre Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE


All of the Times Square Center restaurants has something unique to offer to their customers. Some of them count for a sightseeing on their own, so if you’ve not checked in at any yet, what are you waiting for?

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AUTHOR: Appetti