20 Oct 2017

Wafi Mall Appetti shows you 5 Wafi Mall Restaurants to dine in!

Wafi Mall is more than a Mall, it is a way of life!

Wafi Mall is located in the multi-purposed complex Wafi City. In the complex there are a number of Wafi residences, Wafi Mall restaurants, shops, a hotel and a night club. The design is more than eye-catching as the City is themed as ancient Egypt, featuring pyramids and pharaohs statues. Even the walls are made of light brown stone used in the buildings of the Egypt of old times. We’ve chosen 5 Wafi Mall restaurants, which you cannot afford to miss during your visit at Wafi City.

  1. Asha’s
  2. Big Apple Bagels
  3. Carters
  4. Seville’s
  5. Vintage Wine and Cheese Bar



You can get an incredible Wafi gourmet experience at the Asha’s restaurant. It serves North Indian cuisine, featuring a combination of well known recipes and also signature dishes like daal makhani and murgh malai kebabs. There are private dining areas as well as open air garden and elegant indoor seating. The decor displays the characteristic jewelled colours of the sub-continent and some traditional clothing. So you can’t expect anything less than impeccable service at Wafi Mall Asha’s restaurant.

Asha’s is part of the Pyramids Restaurants at Wafi 

Asha's image at Wafi Mall
Get down to Asha’s at Wafi Mall

Asha’s: Pyramid Buildings, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, UAE

Big Apple Bagels

Our next stop of the Wafi restaurants is a more simplified and casual place – the Big Apple Bagels. It is a lovely bakery that was started in the USA back in 1993 and since then has grown out of the country and the continent. It’s not a fine dining venue, but certainly a great solution for an afternoon snack over a cup of tea or a nice business brunch accompanied by aromatic coffee. So whether you are a fan of something more filling like a bagel or a sandwich or you have a sweet tooth and love muffins, you can find your quick fix at the Big Apple Bagels.

Big Apple Bagels image Wafi Mall
Big Apple Bagels anyone?

Big Apple Bagels: Pyramid Buildings, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, UAE


Are you ready for more exclusiveness? Another one of the brilliant Wafi gourmet venues is Carter’s Bar and Restaurant. Have an intimate dinner on dim lights, while enjoying the best picks of the international cuisine. If you are a sports junkie, you can watch all your favourite games in the bar over a glass of your favourite. Carter’s is simply the spot to be at Wafi Mall, either with friends or even on your own.

Carter’s: Pyramid Buildings, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, UAE


Vamos a Seville’s! This vibrant Spanish restaurant at the Wafi Mall is the place to go after work or on a night out with friends. You’ll enjoy a wide selection of tapas and drinks in a lively atmosphere and if you are hungry, there are Spanish specialties available at an alfresco dining area.

Seville’s: Pyramid Buildings, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, UAE

Vintage Wine and Cheese Bar

To finish off our Wafi Mall restaurants list, we recommend the Vintage Wine and Cheese Bar where luxury is the norm. Choose from the exquisite wine selection, diverse cheese display and also a wide range of breads. So create a fusion of taste and flavour in your mouth. It is certainly not the place to satisfy your hunger but it could be a brilliant date night option.

Vintage Wine and Cheese Bar image Wafi Mall
Get a vintage advantage!

Vintage Wine and Cheese Bar: Pyramid Buildings, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, UAE


Wafi Mall is a setting with an astonishing atmosphere and the restaurants located there carry the same feeling of luxury and adventure. Have you picked your favourite yet?

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AUTHOR: Appetti