20 Jun 2016

Hangover home remedies, try these 6 or quit drinking

Do hangover home remedies work? How long does a hangover last?

Booze, glorious booze, who cares if you get a hangover? Who cares how long a hangover lasts anyway when we have hangover home remedies to fall back on.

Lets start with a question: Is there an alcohol that doesn’t give us a hangover?  and then look into hangover home remedies in more detail.

Well we should care about how long a hangover lasts, but nobody ever does at the time of alcohol consumption. They don’t usually remember anyway until they wake up with a feeling of dehydration and nausea. Hangovers should make us avoid the need to drink excessive amounts of alcohol again, but they don’t. So why do we drink so much alcohol? To have fun, let off steam, celebrate, take the edge off your day? We do it for different reasons and quite often drink alcohol to excess, thus we have looked into hangover home remedies.

Thank God it’s Friday – Beers, wine or a Singapore Sling especially if there is a Happy Hour going on, offering alcoholic drink at discounted prices!

So it’s lunchtime and you’re gearing up for Friday after work drinks. The afternoon is going slow because you’re clock watching, gasping for a drink be it a pint or glass of wine.

The time finally arrives and you’re in the bar anxiously waiting for that first drink to arrive, and when they do you’re guzzling your drink at a fast pace and already eyeing up the next one glass of alcohol. This pace will usually only last 2-3 drinks before you feel gassy and bloated. You then go onto to the spirits as they are lighter and easier to drink. Due to the alcohol volume being higher than say beer or wine, these spirits based drink should be consumed slower but that’s often not the case.Small glass, loads of ice and they fly down… Anyone for a shot, what more alcohol?

Friday before the need for hangover home remedies
Cheers on a Friday night

Did you go to too many of the best pubs in Singapore? Or pubs in Clarke Quay? Now you need hangover home remedies to fall back on!

Getting home drunk after visiting cheap bars in Singapore, falling into bed, and making no plans to ease the morning pain, the dry mouth and dehydration.
What we should do when we get home is hydrate before bed and take a bottle of water for the night but many people don’t.
Instead, they crawl through the door banging around and collapse in bed.
Hydrating during your night out and before going to bed can make a huge difference to how you feel the next day, dehydration and hungover.
Everyone has their own ways of tackling their post drink agony but keeping hydrated is better than anything.
I can sometimes find myself getting in after a night spent in the best pubs in Singapore or worse still cheap bars in Singapore.

Priority No 1 is head on pillow – nothing else matters.
The thought of getting that big glass of water is just too much, the kitchen is way too far out the way.
Considering many of us in Singapore live in one level apartments then that walk to the kitchen should be even easier.

cartoon of a guy in need of hangover home remedies
One more drink?

The next morning….

Ouch, What time is it in Singapore ??

This is when the fun officially ends.. You wake up and have to take two to check where you actually are. Has 2 day hangover anxiety set in?
Are you at home? Or maybe got lucky and landed elsewhere, maybe unlucky in that sense. Of course if you are not at home treating dehydration causes can be more difficult such as finding the source of hydration fluids.
Anyway, its not a good situation and you feel terrible.
Dehydration causes you to feel like you’ve been sucking on sand in your sleep. You then move a little and the head starts pounding. The day ruined. Nice one.

As we grow older the suffering of hangovers definitely increases, so much so that we just don’t want to do it unless on a special occasion. The strain it can cause to our bodies when we go “pushing it to the limits” on a night out. This can be the start of a 2 day hangover anxiety or worse 3!

cartoon of a girl trying hangover home remedies
Is the morning after worth the boozing

Hangover home remedies

So is it age, being out of practice, dehydration in a hot environment, or perhaps the ice cubes in a dirty glass.?
It’s none of these, but a combination of three things:
Not eating beforehand, not consistently hydrating and DRINKING WAY TOO MUCH.
However, we can help ourselves here both before, during and after some drinks to reduce any sickness, headaches etc etc – Hangover. Here are some hangover home remedies that I swear by but have also been advised to use, both pre and post booze session:

PS Don’t blame us if these hangover home remedies don’t work, blame the alcohol drink!

  1. Water – Drink water before, during and after alcohol consumption. The main cause of hangover is dehydration and the hydration ingredient you need is water.
  2. Prevention – Drink in moderation and keep yourself hydrated after all you’re a responsible adult, or are you?
  3. Sleep – Whilst alcohol will put you to sleep quickly, the problems start when it begins to wear off later during sleep. The alcohol will then prevent deep sleep and cause quite the opposite.
  4. Exercise – Moderate exercise helps you feel better. However  if the sweating is excessive and dehydrates you further it can also make you feel worse. Be careful and take it easy with the drink.
  5. SoupsRamen and Steamboat; These can be one of the great hangover home remedies. They are warm healthy water based soups with vegetables and lean meats, which is what your body is really craving
  6. Can of Cola – Cola can be a firm aid to help you through the morning; Known as the Black Doctor. This settles the your stomach and provides energy from the caffeine and sugar

AUTHOR: Appetti