05 Jul 2016

Cheese of the World

Some of the most popular Cheese of the World and the countries they originate from.

Can you believe it, that there are at least 1,777 different types of cheese coming from the four corners of the Earth?  The types of cheese are usually categorised by country of origin, texture, colour and the milk used in production. The taste and smell of each type of cheese is different and distinctive, so this explains why a cheese plate is often regarded as high-class delicacy. Some great dishes are found in cheese recipes from all over our world. Now let’s take a mini tour of the countries that make the popular cheese of the World.

Cheese of the World from France
French cheese market selection

Roquefort, Brie and Camembert – France

Obviously, we have to start with France as they are responsible for the production of over 400 different types of cheese which are regarded as some of the most popular cheese of the World. Let’s mention possibly the top 3 of them all – Roquefort, Brie and Camembert. Each of them comes from a different Region of France and has a unique taste. A feature all three have in common, is that they are classified as soft cheeses.

  1. Roquefort: Made of sheep’s or ewe’s milk and is left to mature for several weeks until blue veins of mould appear. A strong pungent cheese, not for the faint of hearted.
  2. Brie: For the production of Brie French cheesemakers use cow’s milk. The cheese has a pale yellowish colour, covered by a layer of slightly harder white mold. A mild, fruity but distinctive cheese.
  3. Camembert: Produced from unpasteurised cow’s milk, thus containing the mesophilic bacteria, which is generally harmless, however, pregnant women are advised to avoid this type of cheese so as to not compromise the health and development of the baby. A very rich buttery flavour and a white rind that is also meant to be eaten.
Cheese of the World roquefort
Roquefort Cheese

Mozzarella and Parmigiana – Italy

  1. Bella Mozzarella! Who hasn’t heard of this amazing creamy cheese called Mozzarella, a product of Italy? The most interesting feature about it is that it is made from buffalo’s milk and because it’s high in moisture, Mozzarella should be served a day after it has been produced or up to a week if it has been kept in brine. Mozzarella is a soft, whiterindless cheese with a milky flavour
  2. Parmigiana: Another great Italian cheese is Parmigiana- Riggiano, or simply Parmesan. It is hard, suitable for grating and made of unpasteurised cow’s milk. Nothing tastes better than spaghetti Bolognese with a generous layer of grated Parmigiana! This is a hard cheese with a tangy, pungent taste that is often grated over spaghetti and pasta dishes.
Cheese of the World - Mozzarella Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese

Cheddar, Red Leicester and Wensleydale – United Kingdom

  1. Cheddar: One of the most popular cheese of the world is Cheddar Cheese. It is produced from cow’s milk in Somerset, United Kingdom. It varies in colour from light yellow to orange if spices are added. Being a hard cheese, Cheddar is often added as a grated top layer on many traditional and international dishes. Cheddar is a cheese with a creamy sharp flavour.
  2. Red Leicester: Another fantastic British cheese is Red Leicester. It is actually very similar to the Cheddar, but it is crumblier and generally orange. Red Leicester has a specific, slightly nutty taste sometimes described as like caramel.
  3. Wensleydale: Here’ another cheese that saw fame for a while was Wensleydale, made famous by the Wallace and Gromit animated movies. Apparently the Wensleydale cheese makers were nearly bankrupt when the movies came out and now they are a thriving business. Wensleydale comes in a variety of forms and flavours, hard, smoked, blended and blue veined, making it a popular Cheese of the World.
Cheese of the World - a selection of popular cheeses
Cheese of the World – Cheese selection

Processed Cheese and Monterey Jack – USA

  1. Processed Cheese: The famous American cheese used in McDonald’s cheeseburgers and whole lot of fast food restaurant chains is a processed cheese, meaning it is made from two or more different types. Yet it can be white, yellow or orange, slightly salty or sweet, and had a very low melting point. Processed cheese is not considered a premium classic but is main ingredient in many foods available today.
  2. Monterey Jack: This cheese is known as a true American Cheese since it originated from Monterey in California, hence “Monterey Jack”. It was originally produced by the Franciscan Friars from Mexico so is probably more Mexican than American but that is a moot point. Monterey Jack is a mild, buttery,semi hard, aromatic cheese with a natural rind.
Cheese of the World - processed cheeses not popular cheeses
Cheese of the World – Processed Cheeses

Feta Cheese and Halloumi – Greece

  1. Feta Cheese: If you are looking for the perfect addition to complement your salad it is Greek feta cheese. Produced from sheep’s or a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk Feta Cheese is kept in brine. Feta Cheese can be both soft and firm, with distinctive salty flavour.
  2. Halloumi:  Another most noteworthy soft cheese more specifically originating from Cyprus, also very similar to the Italian mozzarella. Halloumi is also a great garnish to a salad, served grilled or spread in a sandwich. A soft, white, rindless cheese and has a salty almost tangy taste, in recent years Halloumi has grown in popularity in the West.
Cheese of the World - Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Grilled Halloumi Cheese

AUTHOR: Appetti