03 Jul 2016

Yoghurt vs Yogurt – Despite the row over the spelling, good yoghurt benefits your health

Yoghurt vs Yogurt – Multiple benefits your health? No Matter how you spell it.

Yoghurt Vs Yogurt let the battle begin!

Despite the row over the use of the traditional American spelling you’ve probably heard numerous times that yoghurt, especially probiotic yoghurt, benefits health and it can do so much good for your body. Of course all of that is true, knowing this magic food is made of milk, which means it also provides you with some invaluable nutrients such as:

  1. Animal protein
  2. Vitamin B2
  3. Vitamin B12
  4. Calcium
  5. Potassium
  6. Probiotics or in other words healthy bacteria, which help our immune system and has other probiotic yoghurt benefits
  7. Fight viruses and infections.

But does that mean all yoghurt is good for us? Not necessarily, some yoghurts are great to consume even on a daily basis and whilst some are better to avoid.

Yoghurt Vs Yogurt – The Good vs the not so Good

Yoghurt Vs Yogurt changes when nuts seeds and probiotic yoghurt benefits are added
Yoghurt with nuts, fruit and seeds

The names of different yoghurts vary widely dependent on fat content, and region of origin. In fact regular yoghurt, which is made of full fat milk, is actually healthier for you than “low-fat” or “fat-free” varieties, mainly because the milk used for production is less processed and they contain less additives and sweeteners. Also, for people who are trying to adopt a low-carb diet, regular yoghurt is a proper meal. It makes you feel full quicker and your body is not starved of healthy fats.

Another good type is probiotic yoghurt, in other words, the one which contains healthy bacteria. Research shows that probiotic yoghurt helps prevent colon and stomach cancer and can ease diarrhoea and stomach disorders, as well as reduce lactose intolerance.

When it comes to the regional origin of yoghurts they can be split into three types – Balkan, Swiss and Greek. Probiotic Greek yogurt seems to be the most popular, it is believed that the Balkan yoghurt is the healthiest one. The bacteria used to make it is native to Bulgaria and is called Bifidus Bulgaricus. The taste of this type is thicker and a little sourer than the others. It can be made from cow, sheep, goat or buffalo milk and is known to have healing properties including helping with the prevention of osteoporosis.

How to choose a healthy Yoghurt – food or drink

The Bad (Well not so Bad)

Yoghurt vs Yogurt probiotic yoghurt benefits dessert
Dessert yoghurt

In the Yoghurt Vs Yogurt fight not all Yoghurts can do you good, can they?  Some types of yoghurt are actually not beneficial to our health at all. For example synthetic ones or those without live cultures. This kind is just full of milk, artificial additives and preservatives and in many cases gluten! It’s not recommended for weight-loss diet plans and can harm your body more than help it.

A dessert yoghurt doesn’t help if you are trying to lose weight, as much as we enjoy them, it isn’t the best type to include in a diet.

Fruity or sweetened yoghurts contain lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners that may cause weight gain and other health issues. A good replacement is a bowl of natural Greek style yoghurt with bits of fresh or frozen fruits, now that sounds like a nutritious dessert to dream of!

Yoghurt Vs Yogurt – The Ugly side of things

Yoghurt Vs Yogurt probiotic yoghurt benefits under the microscope
Under the microscope probiotic bacteria

AUTHOR: Appetti