02 Jul 2016

Best Fish and Chips in Singapore – Our top 5 picks

Hungry for some yummy fish and chips?

That’s why we are here! Take a pick from our special selection of the best 5 Fish and Chips places in Singapore.

Fish and chips may be the traditional British food, but its popularity has spread around the globe. This simple meal like Cod and Chips has turned into a favourite for many nations. Given the historic links between Great Britain and Singapore it comes to no surprise that fish and chips are one of the top picks for both locals and tourists. Try some of these;
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AUTHOR: Appetti
30 Jun 2016

Inflight food service, good, bad or just plain indifferent?

Inflight food service

If you have ever flown on a long haul flight then tasting airline food is inevitable. We feel for you because apart from the often-poor presentation and highly processed meals, inflight eating or dare we say dining, rarely tastes any good. Is it possible that all airline food providers are competing to see who can supply the worst inflight food services? You know that is not quite true.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
20 Jun 2016

Hangover home remedies, try these 6 or quit drinking

Do hangover home remedies work? How long does a hangover last?

Booze, glorious booze, who cares if you get a hangover? Who cares how long a hangover lasts anyway when we have hangover home remedies to fall back on.

Lets start with a question: Is there an alcohol that doesn’t give us a hangover?  and then look into hangover home remedies in more detail.
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AUTHOR: Appetti
06 Jun 2016

The best burgers in Singapore (and some bad ones)

Best burgers in Singapore – Tales of good and bad ones.

Best burgers in Singapore are created using high quality meat, the freshness of bun and what it comes with on the side. The burger is a global favourite and can be found virtually anywhere in the world, disguised in many different form. Shockingly bad to awesomely good.
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AUTHOR: Appetti