13 Jul 2017

10 VivoCity Restaurants to chose from Appetti

Appetti showcases some 10 Vivocity Restaurants

VivoCity Mall Restaurants

VivoCity is the king of malls in the Singapore. Not only it is the largest shopping centre in the Lion City, but it has also held numerous important events like the New Year’s Countdown since 2006, known to be a majestic show. There are many recreational facilities for young and old in the mall and it is also a home to over 300 retailers, many of which new and rising brands. For those looking to grab a bite, there are two huge food courts of more than 2,000 square metres each. Because we wouldn’t let you wander in such a big space without direction, we’ve prepared our top 10 VivoCity restaurants.

  1. Paik’s Bibim
  2. WingStop
  3. Charcoal Thai
  4. No Signboard Seafood
  5. Morganfield’s
  6. Modesto’s
  7. Tunglok Signature
  8. Brotzeit
  9. Marche
  10. Connoisseur Concerto Cafe

Paik’s Bibim

First stop – Paik’s Bibim, a Korean restaurant focusing on the simplicity of the food and also its nutritional value. Traditional recipes have been redesigned to satisfy the taste of the contemporary customer, filling the dishes with colours, assembled in an eye-catching way.

Paik's Bibim image VivoCity restaurants
Paik’s Bibim fine Korean

Paik’s Bibim: #02-125, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585


Maybe you are looking for fast food restaurants in VivoCity? No problem, WingStop is the place where you get the best flavoured chicken wings in the shopping centre, if not in the whole of Singapore! Hand-cut fries and special sides will complete your quick and tasty meal.

WingStop image VivoCity restaurants
Their Wings are flying off the plate!

WingStop: #02-143,  1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585

Charcoal Thai

Additionally another great and busy VivoCity food venue is Charcoal Thai. Here, the chefs have also created the perfect balance between traditional Thai cuisine and modern recipes, popular among the younger generation. The fiery soups, red and green curries and the Tom Yum Gong are seemingly dishes you don’t want to miss on.

Chjarcoal Thai image VivoCity restaurants
BBQ or Hotpot? Well both actually!

Charcoal Thai: #03-07, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585

No Signboard Seafood

One of the most interesting restaurants in VivoCity with interesting story is the No Signboard Seafood. As you may have guessed, they serve seafood and the menu signature dish is White Pepper Crab, prepared by the secret recipe of the restaurant’s founder Madam Ong Kim Hoi.

No Signboard seafood image VivoCity restaurants
As you can see there is a signboard, whats all that about?

No Signboard Seafood: #03-02, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585


Next, we take you to another one of the American restaurants in VivoCity, Morganfield’s. Because if you have a soft spot for delicious and soft, slow-cooked pork ribs, this is where you will feel like heaven. Grab a plate, thank us later!

Morganfields Image VivoCity restaurants
Do you sell Ribs?

Morganfield’s: #01-51A, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585


Uh, mamma mia! Modesto’s is an Italian restaurant where the old and distinctive traditional dishes come to live. On the menu you can find favourite pizzas, homemade pasta and divine seafood dishes. Undoubtedly it is also one of the most heartwarming VivoCity restaurants!


Modesto’s: #03-11,  1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585

Tunglok Signature

Talk about exclusive presentation and culinary masterpieces, you must visit Tunglok Signature. VivoCity restaurants can be glamorous, but the gems you see on your plate in this restaurant are fit for a king. Furthermore the dishes served here represent traditional Chinese cuisine from various regions like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Sichuan.

Tunglok Signature: #01-57, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585


Because we know some of you love Western cuisine, here’s a brilliant representative of the German cuisine among the VivoCity restaurants. Brotzeit serves traditional German foods with the glorious German beer. Also not only will you have a delicious meal, but also spend a splendid time in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Brotzeit: #01-149/151,  1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585


Yet another awesome choice of the restaurants in VivoCity is Marche. Fresh and delicious Swiss food is on the menu and certain items in the ambience will make you feel like you are skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Marche: #03-14, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585

Connoisseur Concerto Cafe

This wouldn’t be an exclusive top 10 list without the poshest VivoCity food venue, the Connoisseur Concerto Cafe. Creative beverages and chic dishes will be served to you in an elegant setting. A boutique dining experience, indeed.

Connoisseur Concerto Cafe: #02-149, 1, Harbourfront Walk, Singapore, 098585

And in the end!

Finally you can hardly find more diversity than in the restaurants in VivoCity. There’s definitely a place for everybody’s taste.

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AUTHOR: Appetti