25 May 2017

Appetti’s NEX Food Directory

A short NEX Food Directory for our readers

The Nex shopping mall is relatively new, having been opened in 2010. Also when it was launched it presented lots of first-time concepts. For example a public library on the roof top. Additionally that same roof top also accommodates two playgrounds – wet and dry. Furthermore there are over 380 outlets in the mall, featuring high street and luxury fashion, jewelry and beauty brands. The food venues are also numerous, because there are two food courts situated in the Nex shopping mall. So here are our top 8 restaurants in the Nex food directory.

  1. Putien
  2. Tontei
  3. OKG Express
  4. The Ship Restaurant and Bar
  5. Kabe No Ana
  6. So Pho
  7. Monster Curry
  8. Party World KTV



One of the best and more traditional Chinese restaurants, with a rich and interesting heritage, has found its place in our Nex food directory. It offers comfort food from the coastal region of Putien, a beautiful town in Southern China. An area often connected with stories about Shaolin Kung Fu masters and breathtaking scenery.

NEX Food Directory image Putien
Does President Putien eat here?

Putien: #02-18/19, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083


The Tontei brand tries to be as authentic as possible and the outlet situated in the Nex shopping mall is decorated with bamboo and washi. The restaurant focuses on traditional Japanese recipes, in which pork is the main star.

NEX Food Directory image Tontei
No Kimosabe, Tontei not Tonto!

Tontei: #B1-79, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083

OKG Express

When you feel like sharing a heart-warming home style meal with a friend or family members, just go to the OKG Express at the Nex shopping mall. The calm and welcoming atmosphere will take you down memory lane to the times when you enjoyed freshly prepared meals, straight from mum’s kitchen.

NEX Food Directory image OKG
OKG = Old Kim Guan did you know that?

OKG Express: #01-58, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083

The Ship Restaurant & Bar

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Or any other drink! Dive into the marine world with a creatively decorated ambiance and family favourite dishes at on of the pearls in the Nex food directory, the Ship Restaurant & Bar. Fantastic items on the menu you must try are the Ship Steak and the Hainanese Pork Chop.

NEX Food Directory image the ship restaurant and bar
This could be the place that launched a thousand faces!

The Ship Restaurant & Bar: #01-61/62, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083

Kabe No Ana

When you hear spaghetti, the first thing that comes to mind is Italian cuisine. What if we told you that Japanese spaghetti has now become a hit not only in Asia, but all over the world. One of the best places to have a tasty bowl of Japanese spaghetti is the Kabe No Ana restaurant at the Nex shopping mall.

NEX Food Directory image Kabe No Ana
Which when translated means hole in the wall

Kabe No Ana: #B1-80, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083

So Pho

Vietnamese cuisine is well represented in our Nex food directory by the lively restaurant So Pho. The menu is concentrated on authentic dishes from various parts of Vietnam. Here customers can enjoy some of the best Banh Mi, Pho and Spring Rolls in town.

NEX Food Directory image So Pho
So Pho So Good!

So Pho: #B1-15, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083

Monster Curry

So if you are trying to find something different to eat, you need to go to Monster Curry at the Nex shopping mall. Their special sauce contains 14 different vegetables and spices, marinated for 48 hours to create a unique taste. The Monster Curry sauce makes the umami dishes to die for.

NEX Food Directory image Monster Curry
A Fire Breathing Monster?

Monster Curry: #B1-08, 23, Serangoon Central, Singapore, 556083

Party World KTV

Don’t have plans for Friday night? Don’t worry, we do! Karaoke restaurants are one of the fastest popularity gaining concepts in Asia. A fantastic venue where you can sing your favourite songs with friends and have refreshing drinks and bites happens to be Party World at the Nex shopping mall. The prices of all set packages are affordable and the quality of fun you get there is unmeasurable.

NEX Food Directory image Party World KTV
Sing your Heart out!

Party World KTnV: #04-63, 23, Seragoon Central, Singapore, 556083

In Conclusion

Plenty to choose from in our Nex food directory! Whether your problem is hunger or lack of entertainment, we believe you can find the solution at the Nex shopping mall. Check out our outlets in this district in Singapore, or better yet browse other venues in Singapore  and gather more information and interesting facts about this fascinating destination.

AUTHOR: Appetti