21 Jul 2017

Appetti’s Top 10 Plaza Singapura Restaurants

Plaza Singapura Restaurants we highlight 10 for you

Plaza Singapura is one of the oldest and also most popular malls in the well-known shopping street Orchard Road. The mall has over 300 outlets, spread onto 7 floors and 2 basements. Today we are going to have a look at our choice of 10 Plaza Singapura restaurants for you to visit.

  1. Tim Ho Wan
  2. Saybons
  3. PapaRich
  4. Secret Recipe
  5. Lokkee
  6. Ambush
  7. Fruit Paradise
  8. Skinny Pizza
  9. Crystal Jade Kitchen
  10. Muchos

Tim Ho Wan

A Michelin star holder, the Tim Ho Wan restaurant offers some of the best dim sum dishes not only in Asia, but also across the world. Plaza Singapura was also the first international location for the brand that originated in Hong Kong. So at Tim Ho Wan you can find your favourite dim sum dishes at an affordable price and incredible quality.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image Tim Ho Wan
5* Dim Sum

Tim Ho Wan: #01-29A/52, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839


Plaza Singapura restaurants also feature European cuisine and now we make a stop at the French food boutique restaurant Saybons. From tiny appetizers to succulent main dishes, so a visit to the Saybons will make you feel like you are sitting at a cosy cafe on Champs-Elysees.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants image Saybons
Say Bon OK it’s good

Saybons: #B2-32, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839


We continue our tour of world cuisines through Plaza Singapura restaurants. So here we are at PappaRich, where one can get a true taste of the most popular Malaysian dishes. The signature dishes on the menu all feature rice because it is the most important component of an authentic Malaysian diet.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image PappaRich
Good news is you won’t need a wealthy Dad to eat here!

PappaRich: #03-35, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839

Secret Recipe

So when you feel like spoiling yourself with a little sweet delight, one of the Plaza Singapura restaurants will welcome you warmly. Because at the Secret Recipe you can have some of the most delicious cakes and desserts with unique taste and fantastic look. Also, this just might be the best place to order your birthday party cake!

Secret Recipe: #03-18, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839


Chinese food is obviously very popular in Singapore but in Lokkee you will find your all-time favourites also come with a Western spin. This is also one of the most contemporary Plaza Singapura restaurants. Lokkee is committed to serving not only quality food but with an intriguing taste in an edgy and modern atmosphere.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image Lokkee
Well Lokkee at you!

Lokkee: #03-01, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839


Although this is and informal dining space, you can taste a fine mixture of some classic European dishes here. So various plates of seafood, well-seasoned meats and fresh salads are waiting for you to share with family and friends at the Ambush restaurant.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image Ambush
Look Out it’s an Ambush!

Ambush: #04-64/66, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839

Fruit Paradise

One more of the Plaza  Singapura restaurants that happens to be heaven for those of us with a sweet tooth is Fruit Paradise. That is because they serve different types of cakes and desserts, all featuring a selection of fresh fruits, made following irresistible Japanese recipes.

Fruit Paradise: #04-01, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839

Skinny Pizza

So do you think there’s anything like healthy pizza? Well, apparently there is! Because at Skinny Pizza Plaza Singapura restaurant you get super thin, low-carb base. All sorts of toppings from beef stripes to fresh veggies, seafood and other great stuff you love.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image Skinny Pizza
Skinny Pizza well if you say so!

Skinny Pizza: 68, #03-71, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839

Crystal Jade Kitchen

So just before we end our choice of the top 10 Plaza Singapura restaurants we take you to a favourite spot for family and friends for casual dining. The Crystal Jade Kitchen serves great dim sum, noodles and Chinese BBQ dishes so it is a great choice.

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image Crystal Jade Kitchen
Crystal Jade Plaza Singapura

Crystal Jade Kitchen: #02-32, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839


Finally our last stop, Amigos! Perhaps the best place in town to have some Mexican food and drinks is the Muchos. Of course there’s never a bad time for burritos and tequila!

Plaza Singapura Restaurants Image Muchos
Muchos to do about something!

Mucho: #01-34C, 68, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238839

And in conclusion….

Seemingly Plaza Singapura restaurants are some of the best food venues in the Lion City, ensuring high quality meals and service.

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AUTHOR: Appetti