12 Mar 2017

Where are the best places to eat Bedok Point Food?

Bedok Point Food: Which Places to Eat

One of the most popular places for shopping and spending time with the family and friends in the Bedok area of Singapore is the Bedok Point Mall. The six floors offer plenty of options for spending the day. Whether you want to get yourself something new or just dine out. Once again we are happy to give you some of our favourite Bedok Point food venues.


A great representation of the Italian cuisine one can be found at the PastaMania restaurant in Bedok Point Mall. Relaxed, classy atmosphere and a fine selection of pasta dishes can be found here. The venue also offers regular promotions and events.

Bedeck Point Food Pastamania Singapore Image
Not only Good Italian Fayre

PastaMania: #01-02/03, 799 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore. 467351


Another Bedok Point Food outlet is Chir Chir

For the fans of Korean fried chicken  and especially the Chimaek culture, there’s no better place but the Chir Chir restaurant. This place attracts many young individuals who enjoy fresh twists to old-school recipes, accompanied by a glass of cold beer.

Chir Chir: #02-05/06, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351


Hei Sushi

Bedok Point Food options also include Sushi. Not just any ordinary Sushi as we know it. Hei Sushi is the first restaurant in Singapore, which offers Halal Sushi on a conveyor belt. There are two different menus – mainstream Japanese dishes at affordable prices and exclusive specialties, priced much higher.

Hei Sushi: #03-38/39, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351

Dae Ssik Sin

Here’s a paradise for meat lovers! Dae Ssik Sin is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant presenting well-marinated meaty Korean dishes. Trying to defeat the hunger? This is definitely your place!

Bedeck Point Food All You Can Eat Korean Image
All You Can Eat

Dae Ssik Sin:  #02-10/15, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351

The Manhattan Fish Market

Bedok Point food venues also feature American-style dishes and the Manhattan Fish Market is one of the best choices for seafood specialties. The restaurant has received numerous awards and it’s a spot definitely worth visiting.

The Manhattan Fish Market: #03-05-07/40, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351


Here’s another irresistible Italian cuisine venue situated in the Bedok Point Mall. Saizeriya has a casual setting and rich menu of delicious and affordable dishes. No matter the occasion, one will always be satisfied with the food and the service.

Saizeriya: #02-07/09, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351

Arisen Ramen a fine example of Bedok Point Food

A wide range of Japanese traditional dishes is served at the Ajisen Ramen restaurant. The chefs at the venue pride themselves on presenting healthy food with great taste. The one thing you must try in that place is the Tonkotsu soup. They say it’s the secret to young looks!

Bedok Point Food Ramen Image
Healthy Food, Healthy Prices

Ajisen Ramen: #01-05, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351

Paradise Classic

If you are looking for a place to dine with your family, Paradise Classic (formerly Paradise Inn) might just be the one for you. The restaurant offers Chinese dishes at prices, which won’t go too deep in your pocket. So for a nice and relaxed family dinner, why not give it a try?

Paradise Classic: #02-01, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351


The best place for a nice bowl of yummy soup is Sukiya Bedok Point . The variety here is on point. You can enjoy a range of pork, beef and chicken soups and broths as well as some fresh vegetables to complete a healthy meal.

Suki-Ya: #03-08/11, 799, New Upper Changi Road, Singapore, 467351


Bedok Point food options are diverse and suitable for every taste, budget and occasion. Whether you want something casual or a more fancy setting, we guarantee you will find your best match at the venue.

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AUTHOR: Appetti