02 Jul 2016

Best Fish and Chips in Singapore – Our top 5 picks

Hungry for some yummy fish and chips?

That’s why we are here! Take a pick from our special selection of the best 5 Fish and Chips places in Singapore.

Fish and chips may be the traditional British food, but its popularity has spread around the globe. This simple meal like Cod and Chips has turned into a favourite for many nations. Given the historic links between Great Britain and Singapore it comes to no surprise that fish and chips are one of the top picks for both locals and tourists. Try some of these;

  1. PS Cafe
  2. Smiths
  3. UsQuBa
  4. George’s
  5. Greenwood Fish Bistro

Are Fish and Chips Good for You?

A picture of traditional fish and chips
Traditional Fish and Chips

Some would argue that this meal is not exactly healthy given the amount of deep frying and the odd beer battered fish recipe and of course salt and vinegar. Fish and chips, in reality,  have quite high nutritious values. One third of a man’s and one half of a women’s recommended daily intake of vitamins are contained per portion. The meal is also a rich source of protein, fibre and iron. Fish on its own is generally good for the brain and potatoes provide many carbohydrates, which means energy. Furthermore, a portion contains less calories that other fast food meals such as Burgers, Pizza or Korma. If people exercise regularly there’s no reason why they can’t include fish and chips in their weekly diet.

Traditional British vs. Singaporean Twist!

Fish and Chips Infographic
British Fish and Chips

Whether you are craving the good old authentic salt and vinegar British version or you are keen on trying a local twist of the famous dish, Singapore can offer both. Actually, there is not much difference between the two, but traditionally in Britain cod is used, while in Singapore a Red Snapper or Tilapia is preferred. The batter the fish is fried in is also prepared slightly  differently. The English use lager beer and ale in addition to the standard flour, salt and pepper ingredients for the batter recipe. In Singapore, they usually add some breadcrumbs to make it crunchier and also some local spices to give it an oriental twist. Although this can vary from restaurant to restaurant, traditionally they are served with garlic flavoured mayonnaise, while the modern version often features tartar sauce as a side dip.

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AUTHOR: Appetti