12 May 2017

Best Bars in Boat Quay Singapore

Boat Quay Singapore 8 of the Best Bars

Boat Quay Singapore is a well known area, attracting many locals and tourists for various reasons. Back in the day, its primary purpose was to serve as a marine trade centre due to its location on the south bank of the Singapore River. Things look quite different these days here in this district. Boat Quay Singapore is a vibrant social-economic spot, full of diverse bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Take a peek at our pick of Boat Quay bars.

  1. Penny Black
  2. BQ Bar
  3. Southbridge
  4. Dallas Restaurant
  5. Mag’s Wine Kitchen
  6. Harry’s
  7. Mogambo
  8. Boomarang

Penny Black

Are you craving the experience of a British Victorian atmosphere while sipping a refreshing drink and enjoying the river view?  Well there’s no better place than Penny Black. The venue is split into different areas, catering for different occasions and moods. Downstairs, it is more of a pub or tavern setting where one can party with friends or get a little crazy after work. The upper area is more sophisticated and suited for business meetings and low-key classy celebrations. On the whole, Penny Black is quite different from any other Boat Quay bar.

Boat Quay Singapore image penny black
No colours any more I want them Penny Black!

Penny Black: 26/27, Boat Quay Singapore, 049817

BQ Bar

A desire to dip into the town’s best cocktail place should take you to the BQ Bar. A relaxed and elegant setting is what accompanies a glass of a refreshing mojito or a signature cocktail. Also you won’t hungry here as the bar offers special Dharma and Schwarma kebabs. All made of the best lamb and chicken in Boat Quay Singapore.

Boat Quay Singapore image BQ Bar
BQ Bar

BQ Bar: 39, Boat Quay, Singapore, 049828


Here’s probably one of the poshest Boat Quay bars – Southbridge. It’s a rooftop venue indulging you in a 360° view of the city. It aspires to resemble the   bars and restaurants you find in famous European resorts such as Saint Tropez or Barcelona. Classy cocktails and signature oyster and seafood dishes are definitely part of the deal at Southbridge.

Boat Quay Singapore image Southbridge
UMAMI Oysters at Southbridge

SouthBridge: Rooftop Level 5, 80 Boat Quay, Singapore, 049868

Dallas Restaurant

For a full contrast, we would suggest Dallas Restaurant to you This is an extremely popular place with locals. Here one can have unpretentious food and drinks and enjoy a lively and bright atmosphere. It’s located on the long stretch of Boat Quay Singapore and it’s a perfect choice for a rich lunch or dinner.

boat quay Singapore image dallas restaurant
South Fork has changed!

Dallas: 31, Boat Quay, Singapore, 049820

Mag’s Wine Kitchen

For fans of French cuisine and fine wine, it would be a sin not to visit Mag’s Wine Kitchen. It is a place where customers are given a personalised service and a great experience at all times. Also all the food is prepared with exclusively fresh ingredients and here simplicity is the key.

boat quay singapore image Mag's Kitchen
French Cuisine and Fine Wine

Mag’s wine Kitchen: 86, Circular Road, Singapore,


Although today there are many branches of the Harry’s in various districts of the city, the brand’s history started here at Boat Quay Singapore in 1992. Are you up for some drinks and watching sports with friends or a nice family lunch? Harry’s can accommodate your needs and serve you quality food and a wide range of beverages.

boat quay singapore image Harry's
What happened to Tom and Dick anyway?

Harry’s: 28, Boat Quay, Singapore, 049818


Another jewel in the crown of Boat Quay Singapore is the Mogambo bar and restaurant. Again, this is a two-style venue, catering for different groups of people and events. Rich and tasty menu, unique cocktails and impeccable customer service are on offer. This draws locals, expats and tourists to this outstanding place, infused with Japanese spirit.

boat quay singapore image mogambo
Mogambo Jambo!

Mogambo: #01-01, 03 Canton Street, Boat Quay, Singapore, 049745


A bit on the edge of Boat Quay Singapore, but still close to the river is the Australian cafe and bar Boomarang. Quiet and cosy during the day, it turns into an arena of entertainment at after dark.

boat quay singapore image boomarang
Would you like some meat with that?

Boomarang: 52, Circular Road, Singapore 049407

And Finally

Still haven’t decided where to go first? We recommend visiting them all and then deciding which are the best bars in Boat Quay Singapore from a first-hand experience.

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AUTHOR: Appetti