06 Jun 2016

The best burgers in Singapore (and some bad ones)

Best burgers in Singapore – Tales of good and bad ones.

Best burgers in Singapore are created using high quality meat, the freshness of bun and what it comes with on the side. The burger is a global favourite and can be found virtually anywhere in the world, disguised in many different form. Shockingly bad to awesomely good.

Charred memories of the Death Burger

Image of not the best burgers in Singapore
Burger van Bistro

These can come in many different forms. My childhood memory was going to weeknight football league matches with my dad and after the game. Drooling over a burger bar menu mounted onto a makeshift burger van bistro, queuing up for 10 mins in rain to pay dearly for this renowned burger van bistro delight. This was a combination of a piece of blow torched meat (which I’m convinced contained sawdust), stale bread, processed American cheese slices and if was lucky, some burnt onions served off a paint scraper. It hurts me to say it but they were actually nice but I’m convinced had zero nutritional value. The worst fast food burger for sure.

The fast food Burger chains – Reassuringly safe

Burger Chain burger not the best burgers in Singapore but reliable
Burger from a burger chain

The fast food burger chains are a safe bet on any occasion. There is no such thing as a bad one, just that some are better than others – I won’t mention brands but we all know them. The price you pay dictates the quality provided by fast food burger chains. Thus it will usually depend on  from who and where.

I would be working in the office and on a weekly occasion my colleague would aggressively say; “I need something dirty for lunch, fancy a burger”. Sadly, I knew exactly what he meant, thus I often felt the same and usually said “yes”. He would ask on a Monday to cure the weekend blues, or a Friday to start the weekend in unhealthy fashion.

The Gastro Pub Burger – A posh treat and probably on of the best burgers in Singapore.

Image of a gourmet burger probably the best burgers in Singapore
Gourmet Burger

There is no shortage of choice, as the rise of places serving the gastro pub burger has been nothing short of spectacular. Quality gastro pub burgers are served in many fine dining restaurants as well in Singapore. Great bars and pubs often serve them as their main product. Nine out of ten of these are usually good, and more than capable of satisfying cravings and you won’t want to fall asleep faster because of it. Served up with some quality fries and garnishes rounds it all off nicely, maybe a pint of beer or a craft beer. Amongst my Top 5 meals, is this gourmet burger recipe delight.

A question to leave you with: How and why did the gastro pub burger become trendy in Europe?

I probably eat 2 burgers per month, maybe 3. If the BBQ season is on then 8 plus. In Singapore recently I’ve eaten at some new places and been more than happy with my choice. With so many quality places in Singapore it would be unfair to rate them in order.

My top picks of the best burgers in Singapore

  1. &Made Burger Bistro –  Undoubtedly one of Singapore’s best gastro pub burger joints,. &MADE’s Chefs have created a fine range of gourmet burgers, but retaining classic dishes and enhancing them with surprising variations. &MADE Burger Bistro only use the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. Thus ensuring you have a dining experience you’ll want to return to.
  2. Bergs Gourmet Burgers – Prepared in-house entirely from scratch thus always fresh. They pride themselves on making all their own patties, sauces, and marinades. Using their own recipes, as a result of their experiences and travels around Asia and Australia.
  3. OverEasy – This restaurant provides a great choice of burgers, options and sizes and makes this a firm favourite of mine. Created using quality ingredients throughout so very satisfying indeed. Superb fries are served to their customers with all burgers.
  4. Wildfire Burgers – Sourcing the highest quality meats and freshest ingredients, providing a wide range of quality burgers with a choice of flavoured toppings. They pride themselves on their premium beef patties such as the 1824 Premium Beef range from Australia’s oldest beef producer. Also the highly acclaimed Rangers Valley Black Onyx Marbled Beef. Highly recommended.
  5. Relish @ Cluny Court – Continue to be one of the best burgers in Singapore because they only use premium cuts to produce their patties. From the classics to the Blue Cheese Beef Burger or how about the Chicken Nasi Lemak Burger, They offer a broad range of burgers to you?


AUTHOR: Appetti