13 Feb 2018

Ice Cream Cake in Singapore, Appetti shows you some of the best

Where to Get Great Ice Cream Cake in Singapore

In a country where the average annual temperature is 27 degrees, it’s not unusual to have ice cream cravings often. Ice cream cake is also very popular in Singapore. Quite a few places have included them in their menus. So today we are not going to teach you how to make ice cream cake, but we will point you to 5 great places to get it in the Lion City.

  1. Gelare
  2. New Zealand Natural
  3. Swensen’s (All 27 in the Red Dot)
  4. Siloso Beach Bar
  5. P.S. Cafe Petit


You must have expected this to come on top of our list. Gelare is a gourmet ice cream house where you can have almost any taste that comes to mind. They have a unique ice cream recipe that is kept a secret. The ice cream menu is also full of diverse taste options. So celebrating a child’s birthday there would be a brilliant choice and let everybody will enjoy it. Did you know there are 15 Gelare outlets in Singapore?

New Zealand Natural

Who wouldn’t love to eat ice cream that is also healthy? New Zealand Natural offers a variety of ice creams that are low fat and contain no added sugar. Ice cream cake is not exactly on the menu, but ice cream cookies are, which is close enough for us and equally delicious. Also, you can have some mind blowing “Thickshakes” which come in a variety of flavours.

Ice cream cake image Singapore
Pure NZ Pure Products


Swensen ice cream is popular not only in Singapore, but all over the world. Here you can have a perfect sundae, tasty ice cream cake and also unlimited scoops of delicious ice cream flavours. What makes this place even better is that if you are hungry they also have a menu with a lot of main courses, mainly featuring gourmet burgers and salads. Try their sister restaurants “Earle Swensens”

Siloso Beach Bar

One of the best places to have ice cream, no doubt, is by the beach. Siloso Beach Bar offers a menu with western foods and a selection of ice cream creations, including ice cream cake. You can have a slice, accompanied by freshly pressed juice or go for an afternoon cocktail. The bar has some great Happy Hour deals you should check out.

ice cream cake image siloso beach
Life’s a Beach!

P.S. Cafe Petit

This is a tiny cafe on Guan Chuan street and available seating is often not guaranteed, but you can take fabulous ice cream cakes on the go or to have at home. You can also have your order delivered to your house by a ubereats or deliveroo representative. P.S. Cafes don’t only offer desserts and drinks. In fact they have a very good brunch menu, pizza and pasta options, and a variety of burgers and wraps.

Finally a question for you

Do you have a favourite ice cream cake flavour? Where is the best place you’ve ever eaten ice cream at? And if you know how to make ice cream cake yourself, you are pretty awesome. It would be great if you share the recipe with us. Let us know!

AUTHOR: Appetti