21 Mar 2017

Causeway Point Restaurant

Causeway Point Restaurant in the Mall

One of the largest malls in Singapore with a long history is the Causeway Point Mall. Situated in the North of the Lion City, in the suburb of Woodlands, it comprises of a variety of food and drink venues for every occasion. Which Causeway Point Restaurant is our favourite? Here’s our top 10 Causeway Point food spots.

1. Swensen’s

Swensen’s is by far the best place to take the children to! It’s an American ice cream shop with long tradition. On cone or in a cup, as part of a delicious sundae or in the form of a cake, Swensen’s ice cream comes in a range of amazing flavours and it’s “As Good as Father Used to Make”.

Swensens Causeway Point restaurant
Would you like an Egg on that?

Swensen’s: #02-08/09, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

 2. Long John Silver’s

A Causeway Point restaurant, which can safely be named a paradise for seafood lovers is the Long John Silver’s. It’s an American chain restaurant, inspired by the novel “Treasure Island”. In the menu you can find simple sandwiches, platters to share or sophisticated seafood single items.

Causeway Point restaurant image
Long John Silver’s Good Food at Good Prices

Long John Silver’s: #01-38/39, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

3. Delifrance

In a quiet afternoon or a weekend morning, the best place to have a coffee and a quick pastry snack is Delifrance – a classic French cafe. Their signature dish is a deli croissant sandwich. Oh mon dieu!

Causeway Point restaurant Image
DeliFrance Delicious

Delifrance: #B1-21, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 73809

4. Bali Thai

Causeway Point food venues include a restaurant serving masterpieces of the Indonesian and Thai cuisine. The atmosphere in Bali Thai is lively, but elegant and the prices fall in the mid-range section.

Image of Yummy Bali Thai Causeway Point restaurant
Yummy Bali Thai

Bali Thai: 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

5. Gelare

Gelare was founded as an ice cream house in Australia in the late 20th century, selling unique gourmet ice cream. Today the chain perfectly fits into the Causeway Point restaurant list, serving its customers a variety of savoury meals such as pastas, sandwiches and salads.

Causeway Point restaurant Gelare image

Gelare: Level 3-K06/K07/K08, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

6. Watami

The Japanese casual restaurant Watami is one of the best places for having a traditional Japanese meal in the Causeway Point mall. With a sophisticated, but at the same time laidback atmosphere, the venue proudly presents a rich menu to indulge your taste buds with.

Causeway Point restaurant Tatami restaurant image
Watami is Dinner?

Watami: #05-09, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

7. Ichiban Boshi

Another pearl in the crown of Causeway Point restaurants is the Ichiban Boshi. Again, it serves Japanese cuisine, however it is quite different than any other restaurant. The dishes are contemporary, the atmosphere – cosy and relaxed, and the service – impeccable!

Causeway Point restaurant Ichibani Boshi image
Looks a bit Fishy

Ichiban Boshi: #05-06/07, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

8. Shabu Sai

If your main objective when choosing a place to eat out is to kill your hunger, then march your way to Shabu Sai at the Causeway Point. This hotpot buffet restaurant offers incredible value for money, it seems with more food than you can actually eat. In other words – the perfect spot to meet up and chat with friends at a Causeway Point Restaurant.

Causeway Point restaurant shabu sai image
Shabu Sai Sushi

Shabu Sai: #05-14/15, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

9. Crystal Jade Kitchen

Having cravings for classic Cantonese dishes? There’s no better place than the Crystal Jade Kitchen to enjoy the soul-warming traditional Chinese flavours. This Causeway Point Restaurant has an experienced team of highly qualified chefs is ensuring that the customers can savor their all-time favourites.

Causeway Point restaurant Crystal Jade image
Crystal Jade looks like they can fit you in!

Crystal Jade Kitchen: #5-10, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

10. Empire State Restaurant

For a bite at some specialties from the American cuisine visit the Empire State restaurant at the Causeway Point mall. Apart from the emblematic name, it seems many expats in Singapore love this place for its delicious smoky pork ribs.

Causeway Point restaurant Empire state image
King Kong eats here apparently!

Empire State Restaurant: #02-10/K10, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore, 738099

In conclusion it would take pages and pages to name and present all the Causeway Point food venues, but we hope you enjoyed the top 10 on our list.

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AUTHOR: Appetti