24 Mar 2017

Century Square Food Appetti’s Selection

Century Square Food

Century Square was the first major shopping centre in Tampines, back in 1995. Around a decade later it underwent an expansion. Many more new shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment providers were added. Century Square is also well-known for are the unusually big seats at its cinema theatre. This mall’s cinema would be the obvious choice, if you are looking for a place to watch the latest movie premieres in nice and cosy setting, . Why not make it a date night and book a dinner table at one of the amazing Century Square Food places. We are happy to share with you our top choices as per usual .

  1. Sakae Sushi

Undoubtedly one of the very best places to have sushi at is Sakae Sushi. It’s a modern restaurant with a dynamic atmosphere. All the menu items are displayed on the conveyor belt. This restaurant guarantees a healthy dining experience and great value for money. Apart from all the traditional Japanese meals, you can enjoy vitamin E enriched rice. Also monthly signature dishes, exclusively designed and prepared by the restaurant’s chefs. Another excellent Century Square dining experience.

Sakae Sushi Century Square food
Easy Peasy Japanesey

Sakae Sushi: #b1-02/03, 2, Tampines Central 5, Singapore, 520505

  1. Jack’s Place

Jack’s Place is another star on the Century Square food scene. The restaurant is also a family business, run for three generations with rich and interesting story dating back to 1967. The now famous steak house was started by a man from the Hainan Islands who came to Singapore to cook for British soldiers. He mastered Western cuisine and prepared beef steak so well. People still salivate over the thought of its taste 50 years later.

Jack's Place Image Century Square Food
What about poor Jill?

Jack’s Place: #B1-25, 2, Tampines Central 5, Singapore, 520505

  1. Qiji

Also for people looking for authentic Singaporean cuisine at Century Square food venues, Qi Ji is recommended. Here you can taste signature dishes like Nasi Lemak or Popiah, prepared to the greatest standards. Also, the restaurant follows the requirements of Halal food preparation in all its dishes.


Qi Ji Singapore Image Century Square Food
Qi Ji Singapore Foodie grub

Qi Ji: #01-36B, 2, Tampines Central 5, Singapore, 520505

  1. Soup Restaurant

Visit the Soup Restaurant if you are up for something different. It is also insanely delicious for your Century Square food dining experience. Chinese cuisine is traditionally presented. This restaurant specialises in not just any kind of soups but Herbal soups. Those are extremely healthy, boosting your immune system and metabolism and have this yummy homemade taste.

Soup Restaurant Image Century Square Food
You will need a spoon!

Soup Restaurant: 2, Tampines Central 5, Singapore, 520505

  1. Penang Culture

Penang Culture is one of the Century Square food spots, with the highest contrast between setting and cuisine. When you walk into the restaurant you dip into a fine and sophisticated atmosphere. Also the type of meals you can find in the menu are actually favourite and well-known street food.

Penang Culture image Century Square Food
Be a Culture Vulture!

Penang Culture: #04-12, 2, Tampines Central 5, Singapore, 520505

  1. Pho Street

Century Square food options would also not be complete if Vietnamese Street delights were missing. So we present you with Pho Street. A fresh and colourful restaurant serving tasty iconic dishes for the Vietnamese cuisine. Here you can get anything from small snacks to something heavier like Bahn Mi.

Pho Street Image Century Square Food
Good food. Pho you, Pho me!

Pho Street: #B1-36, 2, Tampines Central 5, Singapore, 520505

Finally don’t forget that these are only a few of the Century Square dining venues and there are many more delicious choices to explore. Also remember that Century Square parking is available.

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AUTHOR: Appetti