06 Apr 2017

City Square Mall Restaurants

City Square Mall Restaurants our top choices

First of all City Square Mall is a special kind of a shopping centre. Mainly because it is integrated with a large urban park, making it the first eco-mall in Singapore. The purpose is to apparently promote ecology and and make learning about it fun. Also the New World Amusement Park is just next to the mall and provides entertainment for young and old. On its 11 floors the shopping centre it seemingly accommodates more than 200 shops and services. So why don’t you have a look at our top  City Square Mall restaurants?

  1. Seoul Garden

Initially let’s look at Seoul Garden a lovely buffet restaurant representing traditional Korean cuisine. This place maybe suitable for any occasion from a big birthday celebration or perhaps a romantic dinner for two. Food in the restaurant is not only delicious but also a lot! It will be hard to go home hungry.

Seoul Garden Image City Square Mall Restaurants
A place with real Seoul!

Seoul Garden: #03-23/24, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  1. Crave

One of the unique City Square Mall restaurants is . The place itself and the food served inside are designed in such a way to also please all the 5 senses. It is no ordinary spot where you just sit and eat, but you also have the opportunity to learn a lot about the Singaporean food heritage and culture.

Crave image City Square Mall Restaurants
Satisfy your “cravings”!

Crave: #B2-K2/K3/K4 & K11, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  1. Toast Box

Maybe the best way to start your morning is the old fashioned way – with freshly brewed Nanyang coffee and a crispy toast. You can surely do that at the Toast Box, because it is a favourite breakfast place for many at the City Square Mall.

Toast Box Image City Square Mall Restaurants

Toast Box: #01 – 41 to 43, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  1. Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Another fantastic City Square Mall cafe is Ya Kun Kaya. This cosy atmosphere is complemented by the compelling selection of fragrances of coffee and teas and also tasty heart-warming snacks.

Ya Kun Kaya Image City Square Mall Restaurants
Toast the Sequel

Ya Kun Kaya: #B2 – K12 – K23, 80, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  1. Momiji Japanese Buffet

    What if there was a restaurant that gave you the opportunity to choose from numerous traditional and modern Japanese dishes? Well, there is! Because Momiji City Square Mall is the place to be when you crave Zuwaikani or Sapporo Beer or any other specialty. All seemingly straight from the land of the rising sun.

    Momiji image City Square Mall Restaurants
    Momiji told me not to come!

    Momiji:  #05-04 /04, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  2. Streats Hong Kong Cafe

    Lots of City Square Mall restaurants are also full of diversity in cuisines and style. Streats Hong Kong cafe is additionally a great dining spot, specialising in street food from various Asian countries and regions. Such as Indonesia, Hong Kong and also from Macau. Name your favourite, chances are they may have it!


    Streats image City Square Mall Restaurants
    Streats Ahead!

    Streats Hong Kong Cafe: #01-01, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539

  3. Wingstop

    Want a break from Asian cuisine? In addition why not make a stop at the Wingstop. Simple, but insanely delicious buffalo chicken wings are waiting for you there. This place is also very relaxed and casual, ideal for fun outings with the pals.

    Wingstop image City Square Mall Restaurant
    Take a Pitstop @ Wingstop

    Wingstop: #B1-33 /34, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  4. Old Town White Coffee

    Tasty Malaysian delicacies and also one-of-a-kind white coffee are on the menu at the Old Town White Coffee. Also this cosy cafe has a long tradition in serving its customers with love and care. It is definitely place where you can also start your morning with a bright smile.

    Old Town White Coffee image City Square Mall Restaurants
    Coffee anyone?

    Old Town White Coffee: #B1-31 /32, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

  5. Cedele

Cedele, City Square Mall cafe offers all-day dining, serving various snack items seemingly from Western and International cuisine. Their menu also features a selection of healthy sandwiches, pastries and popular desserts.

Cedele Image City Square Mall Restaurants
Its Cedele of a place!

Cedele: #01-24 / 25, 180, Kitchener Road, Singapore, 298539.

Finally the City Square Mall restaurants additionally offer to give the opportunity to enjoy various cuisines from all over the world in different settings to satisfy your mood and cravings.

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AUTHOR: Appetti