30 Mar 2017

Clementi Mall Directory good old Appetti!

Appetti’s Clementi Mall Directory

Our Clementi Mall directory shows you where to go in this relatively new and also large mall. Although it hosts much less outlets than other shopping centres in Singapore with only 16 restaurants and cafes. However, the Clementi public library is situated within the mall, as well as the West Coast Town Council Office. Out of the sixteen Clementi Mall dining places we’ve picked our best six. Which we proudly present to you in our Clementi Mall Directory.

  1. Fish & Co.

Fish & Co. is a lovely, family run restaurant chain, focusing on seafood from the Mediterranean cuisine. It is also a place to take the children to, as there is live entertainment, costume characters and compelling decor. Reminding us of mighty pirates and also the magnificent sealife.

Fish & Co image Clementi Mall Directory
Didn’t you know fish had companies?

Fish & Co: #04-33/34, 3155, Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore, 129588.

  1. Ootoya

One of the must-go to restaurants in our Clementi Mall Directory is Ootoya. This is not just any Japanese restaurant, but a brand with long history. Its clear mission – to serve healthy and delicious authentic homemade food from Japan. While the recipes remain unchanged to keep the authenticity of the food, the presentation is designed in a modern and sophisticated manner. So the overall dining experience pleases not only your taste buds, but also your eyes.

Ootoya Image Clementi Mall Directory

Ootaya: #03-53, 3155, Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore, 129588.

  1. New Manlee Bak Kut Teh

Restaurants in our Clementi Mall Directory work to a highest standard and provide excellent customer service. No exception to the rule is New Manlee Bak Kut Teh. This place has developed a nice blend between Malaysian cuisine and the Singaporean cooking style. Here soups are heavenly good! The main meat on the menu is pork. Be it lean meat, ribs or belly, served with various sides like fresh veggies or dough fritters. The restaurant’s signature soup comes in two styles – Malaysian as black peppery soup and Singaporean as white peppery soup.

New Manlee Image Clementi Mall Directory
It’s OK Womanlee people are very welcome!

New Manlee Bak Kut Teh: #B1-34/35, 3155, Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore, 129588.

  1. Subway

Obviously, Subway is a brand that is famous all over the world and requires little introduction. In fact, Subway is one of Asia’s most beloved western fast food chains. Franchises are popping almost everywhere. So it comes to no surprise that you can find a Subway restaurant in the Clementi Mall directory too. Because it’s a place for casual dining with friends after shopping or quick hunger fix on the go.

Subway Image Clementi Mall Directory
Go Underground!

Subway: #B1-24/25: 3155, Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore, 129588.

  1. ThaiExpress

Clementi Mall dining venues include one of the outlets of the biggest modern Thai restaurant chains – ThaiExpress. Here the staff really go the extra mile to ensure that their customers have a good time. So are happy every with single minute of their experience in the place. ThaiExpress just renewed its menu and it’s now more delicious and exciting than ever.

ThaiExpress Image Clementi Mall Directory
Don’t get Thai’ed down

Thai Express: #B1-08/09, 3155, Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore, 129588.

  1. BlackBall

To finish in style, we picked the sweet temptation of the restaurants in Clementi Mall. BlackBall is a Taiwanese brand specialising in desserts. The highlight of the menu and also a signature dessert is the grass jelly. Which is not only incredibly delicious, but also has many nutritious benefits. So unlike other desserts, it doesn’t make you feel guilty for eating it.

Black Ball image Clementi Mall Directory
You won’t get Black Balled if you go here!

Black Ball: #01-04, 3155, Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore, 129588.

Lastly you can never get bored with the Clementi Mall dining options. Because they are so diverse, they will fit your budget, satisfy your craving and match your occasion.

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AUTHOR: Appetti