08 May 2017

Forum Shopping Mall Singapore Places to eat

Appetti shows you 5 places to eat at the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore

Do you need a place to take the children to at the weekend or during school holidays? We recommend the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore. This retail space has over 40 shops and food and drink venues. Catering for various occasions and moods from sophisticated shopping experiences, dinner dates and casual family outings. The location of the mall is perfect as it falls not too far from the Orchard MRT – one of the busiest transport link stations in Singapore. No doubt you’ll find entertainment for yourself and the children while at the shopping centre. However perhaps you are wondering where would be a good place to have a bite or get a drink. Appetti has prepared a list of the top 5 restaurants, bars and cafes in the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore.

  1. Killiney
  2. Jamie’s Italian
  3. Kaiseki Yoshiyuki
  4. Uma Uma Ramen
  5. Horse’s Mouth


Our first choice at the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore is Killiney cafe, a coffee and tea shop with a long tradition. Currently spread over 8 countries in Asia and the Pacific. Today’s management has kept the original recipes of making coffee, tea and kaya. The bread toast served at the cafe is also special as they are prepared on a charcoal grill. The menu also features local delicacies with meat, fish and lots of fresh veggies.

Killeney Kopitam Image forum shopping mall singapore
Kopi Kat?

Killiney: #B1-31/32, 583, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238884

Jamie’s Italian

There was no way we could have skipped Jamie’s Italian while talking about the best restaurants in the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore. Not only is this a world famous restaurant with top quality food and service, but also kids eat free. Also as the name suggests, the menu is full of temptations from Italian cuisine that are going to entertain all of your five senses.

James Italian Image forum shopping mall singapore
Jamie’s Italian? No he’s not!

Jamie’s Italian: #01-01/04, 583, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238884

Kaiseki Yoshiyuki

Looking for a place where you can impress a date with exceptional food and sophisticated atmosphere? There’s no better place than Kaiseki Yoshiyuki in the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore. Furthermore this restaurant offers a traditional dining experience. Highlighting food preparation techniques and presentation dating back to the 16th century, as featured in special rituals. The setting is no less impressive, staged to give a full taste of the Kyoto-style kaiseki-ryori style.

Yoshiyuki Kashiwabara image forum shopping mall singapore
Yoshiyuki Kashiwabara is that Japanese for Yummy?

Kaiseki Yoshiyuki: #B1-39, 583, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238884

Uma Uma Ramen

The Forum Shopping Mall Singapore was the first place to host a branch of the Japanese Uma Uma Ramen restaurant in the Lion City. This is certainly the right place to go when you crave an exceptionally well prepared ramen. Additionally other flavourful Japanese dishes, such as tasty noodles are prepared following a secret family recipe.

Uma Uma Ramen image forum shopping mall singapore
Uma Uma – So good they named it twice!

Uma Uma Ramen: #01-41/42/43, 583, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238884

Horse’s Mouth

Now that we have mentioned the best places to indulge in fine food, it’s time to guide you to the greatest spot for cocktails at the Forum Shopping Mall Singapore. This is the Horse’s Mouth. Here you can find various types of quality spirits and alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixtures to give your day or night out a lively buzz.

Horses Mouth! Image the forum mall Singapore
Straight from the Horses Mouth!

Horse’s Mouth: #B1-39, 583, Orchard Road, Singapore, 238884

Finally the food and drinks venues at Forum Shopping Mall Singapore have won many world-recognised awards. So whether you are taking the kids out, strolling down the mall yourself or meeting up with friends, you have plenty of options to spend your time fantastically!

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AUTHOR: Appetti