12 Apr 2017

Good food in Hougang 1

Good food in Hougang 1 from your friends at Appetti!

Previously known as Hougang Point, this spacious shopping centre is located in a great neighbourhood with good transport links. Hougang 1 mall has recently been refurbished and rebranded. However it continues to be a home to numerous popular fashion, health & beauty and electronics retailers. As well as many world-known restaurants and cafes. Here are our 5 favourite places for Good food in Hougang 1.

  1. ThaiExpress

ThaiExpress is where tradition meets innovation. Looking for good food in Hougang, this is the place! The menu includes Thai classics, presented in a creative and impressive way. Many of the recipes have been morphed to fit the contemporary demands of the food market. A point of huge pride for this chain restaurant is its Massaman Curry. Seemingly named No. 1 World’s Most Delicious Food by CNN. Other extraordinary dishes in the menu include Thai-style roasted chicken thigh and Phat Thai with Seafood.

ThaiExpress image good food in hougang

Thai Express: 1 Hougang 91, Singapore, 538692.

  1. Wang Cafe

Hougang 1 Mall hosts one of the most popular cafe chains in Singapore. You can find one in almost every neighbourhood. The love for this place is not without a reason. Wang Cafe maintains a long tradition. Almost 70 years of serving aromatic coffee, hot healthy tea, crunchy toasts and soft boiled eggs. For many, a cuppa in this cosy atmosphere, serves as a reminder of the good old times. Also bringing bittersweet memories of the past and another example of Good food in Hougang.

Wang Cafe Image good food in hougang
Mama Mia! – Ah Ma Mian.

Wang Cafe: #1-22, 1 Hougang 91, Singapore, 538692.

  1. Saizeriya

Another idea for good food in Hougang is Saizeriya. The restaurant was first opened in Japan, but focused on Italian dishes. Currently it is hugely popular in East Asia with thousands of outlets in various Asian countries, including Singapore. The meals on the menu are healthy and delicious. Featuring the gems of the Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. The setting of the place also makes you feel at home. Even the plates you are served in look like the ones your mom would pull out of the cupboard.

Saizeriya image good food in hougang
Pizza time at Saizeriya

Saizeriya: #01-38, 1 Hougang 91, Singapore, 538692.

  1. Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Love comfort food? You will love Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe! There are more than 160 items on the menu. Featuring all-time favourites and new dishes, exploring different tastes and flavours. Hougang 1 mall is home to only one of the numerous brand outlets in Singapore and other Asian countries. The food includes some Hong Kong quick fixes. Also more traditional Cantonese recipes. It is the place to go when you are out with friends and suddenly experience a craving Good food in Hougangl.

Xin Wang Image good food in hougang
Street Food Favourites!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe: #01-40, 1 Hougang 91, Singapore, 538692.

  1. Sakae Sushi

Finally our last but certainly not least pick of a restaurant serving healthy and nice food in Hougang – Sakae Sushi. As you can guess, the main item on the menu is sushi. Although you actually have a wide range of choices once you sit in front of the conveyor belt. Sakae sushi is a vibrant place, where the nutricious value of the food is on focus. Also the restaurant has  won a number of awards in relation to their strive for innovation and excellent customer service. There is some nice food in Hougang.

Sakae Sushi image good food in hougang
Lushy Sushi! MSG Free too!

Sakae Sushi: #01-23, 1 Hougang 91, Singapore, 538692.

And in the end…..

Finally Hougang 1 mall is a great place to spend time with family and friends and you will certainly enjoy good food and drinks while you stroll around. We hope you like our guide to Good food in Hougang.

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AUTHOR: Appetti