26 Mar 2017

Holland Village Food Choices

Holland Village food Appetti’s choice.

Holland Village is a vibrant area of Singapore we’ve previously talked about in relation to its best bars. Also this time we are going to put the focus on the food served in the neighbourhood. So we list some of the most popular Holland Village food in restaurants and cafes.

  1. Costa 269
  2. Umm Sushi
  3. Mu Parlour
  4. Gastronomia Da Paolo
  5. Barossa
  6. Crust Pizza
  7. Kinara

Costa 269

The ever famous Costa coffee is available in Singapore as well as attracting many visitors from all ages and backgrounds. The cafe, offering heart-warming aromatic coffee and other hot drinks. Tempting pastries and freshly made sandwiches. Also this is a favourite spot for students who spend long hours there studying in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

Costa Coffee image holland village food
Love Costa?

Costa269: 269 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278990.

Umi Sushi

Seemingly Holland Village food is diverse and broadly affordable. Umi Sushi is an inexpensive Japanese restaurant specialising in sushi dishes. So if you are in a rush or you’d rather take a walk in the area instead of sitting down to eat, you can order take away from the restaurant and enjoy your food on the go.

Umm Sushi image Costa Coffee image holland village food

Umi Sushi: #B1-10, 200 Holland Avenue, Singapore, 278995.

Mu Parlour

A beautiful way to spend your afternoon in Holland Village would also be enjoying a cup of tea or hot chocolate at the Mu Parlour cafe. The place is full of light and presents a perfect view of the main road of this busy area. Furthermore why not add a piece of the cafe’s special Chocolate Mocha cake for even higher levels of oxytocin released in your body.

Mu Parlour: 16A, Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277677

Gastronomia Da Paolo

Holland Village food scene also proudly presents Gastronomia Da Paolo. This is a boutique restaurant serving gourmet dishes from the Italian and Western cuisine. An explosion of flavours and stunning presentation will make you enjoy every second of your dining experience whether in or out of the venue.

Gastronomia Da Paolo: 43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-74, Singapore 278115


Also it seems Holland Village restaurants does not miss out on the Australian cuisine. Barossa is a rather chic place where customers can savour delicious beef, gourmet burgers and refreshing beer. Signature dishes include Blue Cheese Steak Burger, Rib Eyes and Kurobuta Grain-fed Pork Rack.

  1. Barossa image Holland Village food
    Make the mosta Barossa!

    Barossa: 22, Lorong Mamboing, Singapore, 277681

    Crust Pizza

    Pizza is also another favourite Holland Village food. CrustPizza is a chain restaurant offering diverse options, featuring beef, chicken, various vegetables. Also healthy superfoods like avocados and quinoa on a crusty authentic pizza dough.

    CrustPizza Image holland village food
    A Must, A Lust, A Crust is a Must

    CrustPizza: 34B, Lorong Mamboing, Singapore, 277691


    Apparently Holland Village restaurants will not disappoint the Indian cuisine lovers either. Kinara is a sophisticated restaurant serving traditional dishes from North India. The place is seemingly suitable for small gatherings or big family celebrations. They also offer catering services if you are throwing your own party.

    Kinara Image Holland Village food
    Spicey, Nicey!

    Kinara: 24, Lorong Mamboing, Singapore, 277683


Finally, if you are on a Holland Village food hunt you will most certainly be spoilt for choices. Go ahead and explore them all!

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AUTHOR: Appetti