30 Jun 2016

Inflight food service, good, bad or just plain indifferent?

Inflight food service

If you have ever flown on a long haul flight then tasting airline food is inevitable. We feel for you because apart from the often-poor presentation and highly processed meals, inflight eating or dare we say dining, rarely tastes any good. Is it possible that all airline food providers are competing to see who can supply the worst inflight food services? You know that is not quite true.

Inflight food the worst example
An appalling example of Airline service

Possibly an example of the worst airline meals

Worst airline meals – a fine example!

Airline inflight services / meals do not taste of much as they are not freshly cooked and usually too heavily packaged. We rarely enjoy eating airline food, but why? Some sensory functions are impacted at a 35,000 feet cruising altitude. Just as your hearing is slightly affected by the cabin pressure until your ears pop, other senses are also temporarily impaired. Passengers partially lose the sense of taste first in fact. The taste buds on your tongue get sort of confused and can’t really differentiate between sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Airline inflight services often tastes completely bland. So whether a simple sandwich, a cordon bleu meal or high class hors d’oeuvres of fish, beef, or chicken, garnished with cooked or fresh veggies, they taste rather unsatisfactory, regardless.

Cardboard carton breakfast
Inflight breakfast really?

Umami food – how it affects high altitude taste buds

Some of the world’s leading inflight services have discovered a “hack” to make food in the air taste better. The Executive Chef of Lufthansa’s culinary development, Grant Mickels, has developed a 5th sense of taste. It is called umami and is connected to glutamate, which happens to be the secret ingredient with enhancing inflight food. Larger and often more reputable airlines of course only serve such meals as part of their airline inflight services. So if you are travelling with a budget airline, umami airline food will probably not feature on the menu. Your high altitude taste buds will probably tell you that you are still having dreadful food during your flight. You get what you pay for it seems!

Luxury seats and food inflight
First Class inflight service

After all this which are some of the world’s leading inflight services?

So what are the Best airline meals? – It’s hard not to be wowed by some carriers and their inflight food service as the quality is excellent.

Why not take a look at some of the best?

AUTHOR: Appetti