17 May 2017

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Marina Bay Link Mall Food

Marina Bay Link Mall is situated right in the heart of Singapore’s downtown. Thus the shine and glamour of the city centre is no stranger to the mall as well. Also this massive building hosts a number of high fashion brands, department stores, entertainment venues and exclusive restaurants. Representing various international cuisines, it also suits every taste and occasion. So to help you in the selection of the right venue, we give you our Top 5 Marina Bay Link Mall food restaurants.

  1. Din Tai Fung
  2. Joe and Dough
  3. Swiss Bake
  4. Standing Sushi Bar
  5. Harry’s

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is a Taiwanese restaurant with a long and rich history, starting from a small cooking oil shop. Today it is an internationally recognised brand. But what is even more special about this restaurant are their extraordinary dumplings. Prepared, following a unique secret method, those little bites have distinctive taste and flavour  unlike any other one. The philosophy of the whole menu lies in simplicity, so all meals are really light but filling.

marina bay link mall food image Din Tai Fung
Ken Holm loves their dumplings that’s official!

Din Tai Fung: #B2-05, 8A, Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018984

Joe & Dough

Marina Bay Link Mall food choices are varied, for those wanting a good cup of fine arabica beans coffee, Joe & Dough seems to fit the bill. Also in this elegant cafe everything is prepared in house right there on the spot. All pastries and sandwiches are baked and prepared in the cafe’s kitchen. Using their own dough and high quality ingredients. How much better can it get?

Marina Bay Link Mall food image joe & dough
Take Joe if you have dough I would if I knew Joe!

Joe & Dough: #b2-68/69, 8A Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018984


So, while we are on the bakery train, the next stop is SwissBake. One of the finest Marina Bay Link Mall food venues. Here customers can enjoy Swiss favourite wholegrain sandwiches, salads and rösti. However, for the customers who would prefer a hearty lunch, there’s a selection of lovely, home-style soups. Mmm, bliss!

marina bay link mall food image swissbake
Not half baked this!

SwissBake: #B2-47, 8A, Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018984

Standing Sushi Bar

Some say apparently that the Standing Sushi Bar is the best place for sushi in Singapore. Although whilst this may be subjective, we can confirm that it is one of the unique Marina Bay Link Mall restaurants. The menu is rich, featuring not only sushi, but some really delicious sweet delights. The standing concept was taken with a lot of positivity from the day the restaurant opened its doors. However, just in case you are too tired to stand after a long day, there are cosy couches and high chairs to help you rest your legs.

marina bay link mall food image standing sushi
Stand Up for your rights!

Standing Sushi Bar: #B2-51, 8A, Marina Boulevard, Singapore, 018984


Finally there can be no better way of completing our top 5 Marina Bay Link Mall food and drinks venues than finishing off with Harry’s. In reality this bar and dining space is the perfect way of ending a stressful day. Join a couple of friends for happy hour in the bar, have some bites to kill the hunger and get 15% off your bill just like that. Well, if that’s not a good deal, we don’t know what is.

Harry’s: #01-03, 8A, Marina Boulevard, Ground Plaza, Singapore, 018984

In Conclusion

Marina Bay Link Mall restaurants offer so many different experiences for all your senses. So not only good food and fine drinks, but also excellent service and an atmosphere to make you feel special.

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AUTHOR: Appetti