01 May 2017

Nice food in Hougang Mall

Appetti shows you places to find nice food in Hougang Mall

Hougang Mall is famous for its modernistic architecture and is located in very close to the Hougang 1 shopping centre. There are plenty of good transport links in the area to the central and other parts of Singapore. The mall has 5 levels with lots of entertainment options for young and old. The entire second floor has now been turned in a food cluster. In addition to the food court on the 4th level. So many places to munch. So here is a short guide to help you find a handful of the ones offering nice food in Hougang Mall.

  1. Long John Silver’s
  2. Nene Chicken
  3. Ichiban Sushi
  4. Umm Sushi
  5. Keira Ramen
  6. Pepper Lunch

Long John Silver’s

If there’s anything like fast but healthy food, you can find it in Long John Silver’s. The restaurant is extremely popular all over Singapore especially among the younger generation of 15 to 35 year-olds. The chefs have created a  special secret recipe for the batter. They dip fish, shrimps and chicken in it to give a heavenly comparable taste.

Causeway Point restaurant image
Long John Silver’s Good Food at Good Prices

Long John Silver’s: #B1-27/28, 90 Houngang Avenue 10, Singapore, 538766.

Nene Chicken

If you are hunting for restaurants with good food in Hougang Mall, where the star of the menu is chicken. So you just have to stop at Nene Chicken, or translated from Korean “Yes, Yes, Chicken”! The clever way their dishes are prepared guarantees juicy meat and crispy batter. Also the prices are affordable and there are many options for meal deals featuring a drink and a side with your most favourite type of chicken.

Nice Food in Hougang image Ne Ne Chicken
“Yes – Yes Chicken!”

Nene Chicken: #02-24, 90 Houngang Avenue 10, Singapore, 538766.

Ichiban Sushi

Nice food in Hougang can also be found at Ichiban Sushi. Although this is a conveyor-belt type of restaurant, here you can actually have a full 3-course dinner. Sushi and sashimi are only a small part of the menu items available. For those who love sweet treats, there are a number of homemade desserts on display.

Nice food in Hougang Image Ichiban Sushi
Ichiban Sushi! no don’t ban Sushi it’s too scummy!

Ichiban Sushi: #02-23, 90 Houngang Avenue 10, Singapore, 538766.

Umi Sushi

Another great Japanese restaurant serving nice food in Hougang Mall is Umi Sushi. This year they are celebrating 10 years of excellence in sushi preparation and also good service. The menu is quite diverse and there are also party platters if you’ve decided to have a celebration with friends and family. These guys certainly know how to serve good food in Hougang.

nice food in Hougang Image Umi Sushi
Oh My! it’s Sushi!

Umi Sushi: #01-42/43, 90 Houngang Avenue 10, Singapore, 538766.

Keika Ramen

Another place to go is Keika Ramen, especially when you crave a well prepared ramen or some other specialties from traditional Japanese cuisine. A signature dish on the menu is Taro Ramen, topped with pork belly, marinated in its own sauce. Here the chefs use a unique combination of herbs to create unique flavours.

Nice food in Hougang image Keika Ramen
Chewy Noodles Magic Oil

Keira Ramen: #01-26, 90 Houngang Avenue 10, Singapore, 538766.

Pepper Lunch

A fair representation of the good food in Hougang is found at Pepper Lunch. In this DIY fast service restaurant you can enjoy various types of pasta dishes, steaks or of course the chef’s specialty – pepper rice.

nice food in hougang image pepper lunch
Pepper Rice / Rice Pepper HaHa!

Pepper Lunch: 90 Houngang Avenue 10, Singapore, 538766.

To Finish about nice food in Hougang

Nice food in Hougang mall is definitely not in short supply. Especially when you have 2 entire floors to explore and choose from. It’s a place (or a few) to satisfy your hunger and indulge in fine tastes and flavours. Also when you are done, you can take the kids to the playground on the top floor of the shopping centre.

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AUTHOR: Appetti