11 Sep 2017

Appetti’s Paya Lebar Square Dining choices

Paya Lebar Square Dining a choice of 5 for you

Paya Lebar Square is one of the biggest malls in Singapore. It’s located very close to the city centre and also has really good transport links. The building is huge, but only 3 of the 13 floors are open for retail, the rest is office space. Also, the Paya Lebar Square dining offers diverse options, 5 of which we are going to share with you.

  1. Kraftwich
  2. Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King
  3. GreenDot
  4. Chicken Run
  5. BlocsINC


Kraftwich is a trendy restaurant cafe, which is part of the world-known brand Swissbake. The place offers a unique sandwich selection. These include roasted vegetables, pulled beef, smoked duck and as well as many other delicious ingredients. It is also one of the most relaxed and yet exclusive Paya Lebar Square dining spaces. Because of this Kraftwich is ideal for business lunch meetings or small gatherings with friends. Needless to mention that the main focus is on Swiss cuisine. However there is also a heavy influence of italian products and flavours. All menu items are handcrafted to ensure premium quality.

Kraftwich image Pya Lebar Square dining
Witchcraft is magic so is Kraftwich

Kraftwich: #01-09/10, 60, Paya Lebar Road, Singapore, 409051

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

There is a star, brightly shining on the Paya Lebar Square dining scene. This is the Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King restaurant. A modern venue where traditional Japanese ramen has been given an innovative and skillful spin. This brand is also Singapore’s biggest ramen chain. Seemingly started by celebrity chef Keisuke Takeda. His original recipes truly amazed customers when he first started offering them in his restaurants. If you are looking for a ramen, different from all you’ve tried before, this the right place to go.

Ramen Keysuke image paya le bar square dining
Different Ramen types here

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King: #01-04, 60, Paya Lebar Road, Singapore, 409051


Healthy food is definitely part of the Paya Lebar Square dining options and one of the best place to get it is GreenDot. In this restaurant all dishes are also prepared with 100% natural ingredients, proven to bring numerous health benefits to your diet. What you wouldn’t find here, though, is meat. GreenDot’s philosophy promotes vegetarianism and management believes if more people give up meat for just one day a week, this could have a positive impact on the world we live in.

GreenDot image Paya Lebar square dining
GreenDot in the Red Dot!

GreenDot: #01-15/16/17, 60, Paya Lebar Road, Singapore, 409051

Chicken Run

Another great casual Paya Lebar Square dining space is Chicken Run. The various dishes are suited to the taste of everyone – from non-spicy at all to extra hot fusion flavours. While the main dishes feature mostly chicken, the appetisers and sides also include pork ribs, fish soup and many other yummy temptations.

Chicken Run image Pya Lebar square dining
Obviously the Chicken didn’t run fast enough!

Chicken Run: #02-18/19/k4, 60, Paya Lebar Road, Singapore, 409051

Blocs INC.

Looking for an exclusive Paya Lebar Square dining place? Perhaps we have something that will attract your interest. The Blocs INC. cafe is the only place in Asia where you can build your coffee and have it made just as you designed it. You can combine coffee blends and brewing methods to create your bespoke masterpiece. And while you enjoy a perfect drink you can have a sweet or savoury bite to go with it.

Blocs INC. Image Paya Lebar square dining
No no Blocs INC. not a blocked sink!

Blocs INC.: #01-71, 60, Paya Lebar Road, Singapore, 409051

The Prologue

Paya Lebar Square dining options are so many and diverse that it would be hard for anyone to not find the right place there for any occasion and taste.

Appetti has over 60 venues in this area you can find them HERE

AUTHOR: Appetti