30 May 2017

Where to eat on the Seletar Mall Map

Appetti’s Seletar Mall Map of places to eat

Seletar Mall is a relatively new shopping centre in suburban Singapore. Also although not as big as some of the other malls in the Lion City, Seletar still has an enviable selection of outlets. It is also worth mentioning that almost one third of the retail space is taken by food and drinks venues. So customers will be spoilt for choice when picking a place to dine or have a refreshing drink. To make your life easier we are going to take you to our best five restaurants and cafes on the Seletar Mall map so let’s have a look.

  1. Shokudo
  2. Han’s Cafe
  3. PHO Street
  4. O-Coffee Club
  5. Ya Kun Family Cafe


Shokudo is one of the many cafes on the Seletar Mall map, however, it is not quite like any other. Apart from a fragrant warm drink or a refreshing juice, you can have healthy Japanese food, influenced by western cuisine. Also, Shokudo creates an exciting fusion of tradition and innovation, putting extra effort to make your entire dining experience one to remember.

Seletar Mall Map Image Shokudo
It could be a shock if you do!

Shokudo: #01-K1/K2/K3, 33, Seng Gang West Avenue, Singapore, 797635

Han’s Cafe

Looking for a perfect place to have a quiet but rich breakfast on the Seletar Mall map? Han’s cafe might be just the perfect choice. You can enjoy all-day set meals at great prices, featuring mouth-watering components and of course a cup of freshly brewed coffee or fragrant tea. But that’s not all. At Han’s you can also order a beautiful and yummy special occasion cake for your birthday, baby shower or anniversary.

Seletar Mall Map Image Han's
You Win Han’s down!

Han’s: B2-03/04, 33, Seng Gang West Avenue, Singapore, 797635

PHO Street

So if you love how colourful and rich-flavoured Vietnamese cuisine is, you will love PHO Street. This vibrant restaurant offers irresistible delights straight from the streets of Vietnam. Your food is prepared by specially trained chefs, who are committed to preserving the authenticity of the Vietnamese street cuisine. What is more, PHO Street runs regular promotions and meal deals to give you ultimate value for your money.

Seletar Mall Map Image Pho Street
Go on a Seafood Diet – See food and eat it!

PHO Street: #B2-07, 33, Seng Gang West Avenue, Singapore, 797635

O-Coffee Club

The next place the Seletar Mall map is taking us to is the O’Coffee Club. This is a traditional coffee house with a modern twist designed to be enjoyed by young and old. It’s a perfect place for afternoon tea with friends or a date, giving you the opportunity to taste brilliant sweet treats and special tea blends. Also, if you bring the kids it will cost you nothing, because they eat for free, all day, every day! Isn’t that just a fantastic deal?

Seletar Mall Map Image O'Coffee Club
Where’s the Coffee Bean?

O’Coffee Club: #02-K7, 33, Seng Gang West Avenue, Singapore, 797635

Ya Kun Family Cafe

Finally our last pick from the Seletar Mall map is the Ya Kun Family Cafe. It’s a part of the big family of Ya Kun cafes, but as the name suggest, this one is focusing on families. The outlet in the Seletar Mall has been opened recently and offers customers all-time favourites like Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Mee Siam and Chicken Curry. Also for a quick bite, you should try the Asian style sandwiches with various fillings like Sambal Shrimp and Tom Yam Seafood.

Seletar Mall Map Image Ya Kun Family Cafe
Look at it this way! Ya Kun if you try!

Ya Kun Family Cafe: #B1-20/21, 33, Seng Gang West Avenue, Singapore, 797635

And Finally….

If you start exploring the Seletar Mall map, you will undoubtedly find numerous places where you can have a great time sipping your favourite drink or munching yummy snacks. We hope our selection helped you in the decision where to start from.

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AUTHOR: Appetti