16 Apr 2017

A short Appetti guide to help you find an IMM Restaurant

Looking for an IMM Restaurant?

The International Merchandising Mart Mall, apparently often abbreviated as IMM, is also one of the biggest in the Lion City. So as the name suggests you can find hundreds of outlets of various brands across the fashion, beauty, electronics and other industries. Of course IMM restaurants are also worth visiting, which is why we are giving you our top 10. Here you can find many a good IMM Restaurant. So here are our suggestions for 10 to visit:

  1. Hai Di Lao
  2. Shu Jiang Grilled Fish
  3. Seasonal Salad Bar
  4. Ipoh Lou Yau
  5. Saboten
  6. Cafe O
  7. Pot Luck
  8. Red Ginger
  9. The Orange Lantern
  10. Long Beach

Hai Di Lao

Hai Di Lao is not just any kind of a Chinese restaurant. This IMM Restaurant serves mainly sichuan hot pot. These dishes are apparently a favourite dish for many tourists and locals alike. But what makes the place even more attractive is the personalised service they offer.

IMM Restaurant Hai Di Lao image
Hai Di Lao and behold!

Hai Di Lao: #03-01, 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Shu Jiang Grilled Fish

This is also one IMM restaurant where you can savour the type of fish you love the most. It can be accompanied by a sauce, uniquely prepared to your taste, be it sweet and aromatic or hot and very spicy.

IMM Restaurant Shu Jiang Grilled Fish Image
Fusion not Confusion!

Shu Jiang Grilled Fish: #02-25, 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Seasonal Salad Bar

So now it is time to present probably the healthiest IMM restaurant, where you will be spoilt for choice of salad. Also because this is a buffet type of a venue. You can get all you can eat from the over 90 items on the menu, featuring fresh veggies, salad mixes and also variety of fruit.

IMM Restaurant Seasonal Food Image
Food that is Seasonal

Seasonal Salad: #02-16/16A, 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Ipoh Lou Yau

So our next stop will be the authentic Ipoh Lou Yau. This IMM Restaurant is also special because the Hor Fun, seemingly used in most dishes is prepared with highly mineralised water from the Ipoh mountains. Another famous item on the menu are the Ipoh bean sprouts that have a unique taste found nowhere else.

IMM Restaurant Ipoh Lou Yau Image
Kampong Chicken here thats a winner

Ipoh Lou Yau: #01-K09, 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.


Saboten is one of the finest Japanese IMM restaurants where they insist on serving food in a simple but also elegant way. Because the quality of food is a high priority for the chefs. Also they make sure all the ingredients in the meal sets resonate to create an explosion of fragrances and flavours.

IMM Restaurant Saboten Image
Walk to Pork!

Saboten: #01-19, 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601

Cafe O

So, did you grow up in Singapore and also feel nostalgic about the past? Then a nice way to remind yourself of the good old times is by stopping at Cafe O. Maybe try a cup of traditional kopi-siew-tai, accompanied by a half boiled egg and roti prata.

IMM Restaurant Cafe O image
Oooooh Cafe O!

Cafe O: #01-101: 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Pot Luck

Another great “bring-me-back-to-the-past” IMM restaurant is the Pot Luck. It’s a spin off of the well-known Soup Restaurant. Additionally, here you can enjoy the home-style zicher meals, served in claypots in a traditional Chinese setting.

IMM Restaurant Pot Luck Image
Clay Pot Luck

Pot Luck: #01-101A: 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Red Ginger

Also one of the best IMM restaurants that cater for busy professionals and big families is the Red Ginger. They offer traditional halal dishes at prices that will not seemingly stretch your budget.

IMM Restaurant Red Ginger Image
Red Ginger isn’t it normally brown?

Red Ginger: #01-46: 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

The Orange Lantern

The top place to fully experience Vietnamese culture is the Orange Lantern. Due to the traditional dishes and the silk lanterns in the setting, it feels Vietnamese. So it seems everything in this IMM restaurant speaks authenticity.

IMM Restaurant Orange Lanter Image
Orange Lantern sheds a new light on it!

Orange Lantern: 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Long Beach

It seems you will be unlikely to find a restaurant in the IMM mall that serves better seafood than Long Beach. Exclusive features on the menu include live lobster, geoduck sashimi, king crab and golden phoenix fish.

IMM Restaurant Long Beach image
Go on get Crabby!

Long Beach: #03-07, 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore, 609601.

Finally the IMM restaurant list is full of offers for every taste and budget. So regardless of your occasion, there’s always a place that will exceed your expectations.

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AUTHOR: Appetti