11 Jan 2017

Star Vista food – 5 choices for brunch

Star Vista food – great for a brunch in Singapore

We highlight 5 ideas to help you choose from at Star Vista food

The amount of  choices for Star Vista food are plenty. Take a trip to Singapore’s Star Vista, on Vista Exchange Green. Here you might just have a feeling that you are in a creation from a Star Trek set.

This impressive and distinctly modern, ‘airy’ mall is conveniently linked to the Buona Vista MRT. Here you are provided with ample free parking maybe for those customers with cars. Furthermore it houses not only a church and huge concert hall, but also becoming renowned for the best restaurants too. Star Vista food offer a multitude of options for every tastebud maybe Hong Kong Café or a Korean BBQ. So here are some other places to go for a ‘full out’ weekend brunch.

  1. Eighteen Chefs
  2. District 10 Tapas Restaurant
  3. Guzman Y Gomez
  4. Morganfields
  5. More Ideas


Eighteen Chefs

This has to be out one of the top choices. Perhaps they can offer you a cardiac arrest in the form of their signature Heart Attack Fried Rice series. Maybe served with fried chicken, New York strips or perhaps sausage. Here in addition the chefs also encourage you to create your own dish; so you choose, they cook! See that Appetti has 101 other venues in this vicinity.

Eighteen Chefs: #02-22, Vista Exchange Green, Singapore, 138617

District 10 Tapas

Bottles, lots of bottles, adorn the walls of District 10 Tapas Restaurant. In addition you can choose from over 35 different tapas and pinchos, These are delightful Spanish ‘toothpicks’ skewered with exquisite meats. Furthermore food District 10 encourages you to relieve your ‘stress’ by smashing your used bottles! Different to say the least.

Star Vista Food - Tapas Singapore dishes from a Spanish tapas menu
District 10 has typical dishes from a Spanish tapas menu

District 10 Tapas: #01-42,K3, Vista Exchange Green, Singapore, 138617

Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria is also a new addition to the Star Vista food collective. Its about everything Latin; Well almost, because they are apparently Australian! This great restaurant serves fantastic Mexican food with the addition of lively backdrop of Latin music. These maybe the best burritos, quesadillas, tacos and salsas. Furthermore served with a smile by the finest of staff personalities. Get ‘Down Under’ to GYG and enjoy.

Guzman Y Gomez: #01-32, 1, Vista Exchange Green, Singapore, 138617


Morganfield’s tag line is the ‘Home of Sticky Bones’ and if you are ‘into’ ribs. So apparently this is a must place to go. Most noteworthy they offer Garlic, spicy, smoked; they have it all, sticky and delicious.

Morganfields: #02-23, 1, Vista Exchange Green, Singapore, 138617

More Ideas

Perhaps try Gan Yakitori Charcoal Grill, famed for the use of premier bincho charcoal to achieve the of best of Japanese flavors. This is, it seems, only one of a few Japanese restaurants you will find in the Star Vista food restaurant directory. In addition there is the Canton Paradise Teahouse who’s array of Chinese dishes is aimed to suit all palettes.

Furthermore, wherever you decide to dine, Star Vista will manage expectations. So it’s up to you to get ‘trekking’ the walkways of this amazing mall to appease your appetite. Finally should you be saying ‘Beam me up Scotty’!

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AUTHOR: Appetti