08 Jul 2017

Tampines 1 Mall

Tampines 1 Food in this Singapore Mall

Let Tampines 1 Food give you a taste of the world’s finest cuisines. Tampines 1 is a suburban mall in the eastern part of Singapore. It opened its doors less than a decade ago and it was the first shopping centre not in downtown Singapore with a swimming pool. That sounds like a pretty good entertainment and sports facility rolled into one. In addition, here you can find international brands to glam up your wardrobe.  As usual we have prepared a small list of places where you can get good food in Tampines, so read on.

  1. Miam Miam
  2. Dae SsikSin
  3. Men-ichi
  4. Imperial Treasure Nan Bei
  5. JPot

Miam Miam

A light and cosy Tampines 1 food venue is Miam Miam. It is a French Artisanal cafe, where favourite recipes from the French cuisine are masterly concocted. Along with traditional Japanese techniques and cooking arts. Whether you want to have some solid portion of spaghetti or a rice dish or you just feel like giving into the craving of that sweet tooth of yours. Here you will find perfect creations to entertain your taste buds in the Miam Miam menu.

Tampines 1 Food Image Miam Miam
We thought that was in Florida!

Miam Miam: #B1-05, 10, Tampines Central 1, Singapore, 529536

Dae SsikSin

Another place where you could find really good food in Tampines 1 is Dae SsikSin. Discovering a better Korean BBQ restaurant would be quite hard. Why, because here customers enjoy a fantastic blend of flavours and perfectly seasoned and grilled meat. In addition plenty of healthy options are available with fresh veggies on the side.

Tampines 1 Food Image Dae SsikSin
Dae SsikSin thats easy for you to say!

Dae SsikSin: #4-22/23, 10, Tampines Central 1, Singapore, 52


Are you up for some goodness in a bowl? The Tampines 1 food scene presents the exclusive Japanese ramen restaurant Men-ichi. The recipes have been retouched with modern and luxurious ingredients like truffles. Isn’t that something worth tasting? Men-ichi ramen also has many health and beauty benefits as it is collagen rich. So if you are worried about a wrinkly face, drink up a bowl.

Tampines 1 Food Image Men Ichi
Maybe some talc will help!

Men-ichi: #B1-07, 10, Tampines Central 1, Singapore, 52

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei

For those who are not only looking for good food in Tampines 1, but also a restaurant with a classy setting and rich traditional menu, we suggest the Nan Bei restaurant, part of the Imperial Treasure chain. The food options represent all regions of China with sweet and savoury delights. The signature dishes include fried rice with BBQ pork and shrimp in Yang Zhou style and braised Chinese longa cabbage with ham.

Tampines 1 Food Image Imperial Treasure Nan Bei
Imperialism rules

Imperial Treasure Nan Bei: 10, Tampines Central 1, Singapore, 52


Of course we can’t be listing the best Tampines 1 food venues without mentioning a Singaporean cuisine restaurant. JPot is one of the most popular hotpot serving places in the Lion City. With dishes satisfying every taste, from mildly spicy to flaming hot. All favourite traditional meals are available and served in a personal pot to highlight the entire dining experience. And that’s not all. Customers get to create their own bespoke sauce and dip selection and feel like celebrity masterchefs.

Tampines 1 Food Image JPot
JPot Lovely Steam Boat

Pot: #3-16, 10, Tampines Central 1, Singapore, 52

In Conclusion:

The Tampines 1 food options are rich and exciting. Whether you are a fan of European cuisine, Asian foods or local delights, you’ll find a restaurant that’s just the right place for you to visit in the Tampines 1 mall.

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AUTHOR: Appetti