21 Aug 2017

Tampines Mall Food is Delicious

Tampines Mall Food 6 options from Appetti

Tampines Mall is in a small cluster with other suburban shopping centres in the eastern parts of Singapore. Since its opening the mall has provided various facilities and entertainment options for people of all ages and interests. For example bookstores, a Tampines Mall cinema, toy stores, supermarkets and, of course, a food court. Tampines Mall food is delicious and coming from various parts of the world. However the focus remains on Asian cuisine, either as an influencer or a long-lasting tradition.

  1. Boulangerie Asanoya
  2. Eat at Taipei
  3. Itacho Sushi
  4. Suki-Ya
  5. Osaka Ohsho
  6. Tonkichi

Boulangerie Asanoya

Boulangerie Asanoya is an amazing bakery, started in Japan. It began at the start of the last century in response to the demand of European-style hard breads. Today it is one of the best Tampines Mall food venues. It seemingly offers various types of baked dough products from bread appetizers, to donuts and pretzels. Also the recipes used to make the breads have been unchanged from the very beginning of Boulangerie Asanoya’s history.

Boulangerie Asanoya image tampines mall food
Boulangerie! That’s French for Bakery that is!

Boulangerie Asanoya: #01-21, 4, Tampines Central, Singapore, 529510

Eat at Taipei

For those who also might like food on the go or light snacks, Eat at Taipei seems to be a good Tampines Mall dining option. The restaurant serves Taiwanese street food, especially popular with young people and those leading busy lives. On the menu there are also deserts and the special bubble tea, which is a true delight to drink.

Eat at Taipei image tampines mall food
Taipei Street food in Singapore!

Eat at Taipei: #B1-02, 4, Tampines Central, Singapore, 529510

Itacho Sushi

Because Tampines Mall food is diverse, as we already mentioned, this means that sushi is also on the list. If you are wondering where to take the kids or have a small gathering. Or perhaps even ordering catering for your own party, we suggest you try Itacho Sushi. Also here you can find your all-time sushi favourites at an affordable price.

Itacho Sushi image tampines mall food
We hope you are hungry!

Itacho Sushi: #04-32, 4, Tampines Central, Singapore, 529510


A heartwarming and fulfilling Tampines Mall dining experience is promise that the Suki-Ya restaurant gives to its customers. A variety of soups, seafood and sushi dishes are available, prepared and served by friendly staff in a relaxing atmosphere.

Suki-Ya image tampines mall food
Suki-Ya Sushi, Seafood, Soups and Broths Yum

Suki-Ya: 4, Tampines Central, Singapore, 529510

Osaka Ohsho

One more exclusive Tampines Mall food venue is Osaka Ohsho. The chefs in the restaurant are also gyoza (dumplings) specialists. The dumplings are apparently prepared using a specific method. So this guarantees their crispiness and golden colour on the outside and tenderness on the inside. The ingredients create an exciting fusion of flavours, making the Osaka Ohsho’s gyoza favourite to many people around the world.

Osaka Ohsho image tampines mall food
Oh Sho Good!

Osaka Ohsho: #4-19/20, 4, Tampines Central, Singapore, 529510


Tonkichi is apparently the only tonkatsu restaurant in the whole of singapore. Also it’s a brilliant Tampines Mall food venue for casual eating and catching up with friends. To top it up, there are monthly promotions on various items from the menu, as well as on set meals. All in all, it’s a friendly atmosphere with great food at good prices.

Tonkatsu image tampines mall food
The only Tonkatsu in Singapore!

Tonkichi: #03-26/27, 4, Tampines Central, Singapore, 529510


Tampines Mall will also welcome you to enjoy various activities and treat your eyes. Or perhaps refresh your wardrobe with international brands. So when you are done with all of that, Tamoines Mall will offer you a wide range of dining options to have a quick bite or a full three-course meal. So, what’s it going to be? Tampines Mall food is waiting for you.

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AUTHOR: Appetti