03 Jul 2016

Tapas Singapore

Tapas Singapore – The typical Spanish tapas menu explained

Tapas Singapore, like most things Spanish the typical tapas menu is full of colour and a great mix of spices. Spanish cuisine is extremely rich and popular around the world. From unpretentious empanadas to the famous paella, traditional Spanish dishes never cease to amaze. However, today we are going to pay some more attention to one particular type of food from this wonderful cuisine and that’s the Spanish Tapas menu.

What’s on a Spanish tapas menu?

Spanish tapas are not a main course dish, they are often regarded as snacks or starters. The preparation, content and presentation of them varies greatly. In short Tapas are a small dish to accompany your drink, be it wine or something a little stronger. Occasionally they can be a main dish, but this breaks with tradition and the purpose. Tapas can be small bits of smoked meat or fish (in particular Sardines), cheeses, olives on a stick, or perhaps good quality grilled beef steak on a serving of mashed potatoes, accompanied by fine a Spanish salsa sauce. Tapas Singapore means a great night out, chosing from the Tapas menu can be great fun!

In Spanish you can expect to see names like: Langoustine con Queso, Jamon Serrano, Chorizo, Albondigas and Gildas.

Tapas Singapore spanish menu
Some items from a traditional tapas Singapore menu

Where can you get Tapas Singapore and what do you pay for them?

It is not easy to give the price of tapas as that depends on the ingredients used, location and the type of venue. Normally, dishes from a Spanish tapas menu are served in a café or a bar. These days however, some gourmet tapas recipes and dishes are also available in high-end restaurants around the world.

And now the good news. Some places have adopted the practice to give their customers tapas “for free, or gratis in Spanish”. Of course, that’s not always the case, as the cost of these munchies are usually included in the price of your drink. They are normally the low cost options however. But hey, who doesn’t like the sound of the word “free”?

Tapas Singapore dishes from a Spanish tapas menu
Typical dishes from a Spanish tapas menu

So who came up with the name tapas?

Now there’s a nice Spanish legend from long ago, here we go. During one of the visits of King Alfonso to El Ventorillo de Chato, one of the oldest restaurants in Cadiz he ordered a glass of sherry. However, the weather was stormy and there was dust and sand in the air. Before the servant brought the glass of sherry to the king, he covered it with a slice of chorizo. Or perhaps cheese or bread, so the legend goes, making sure no dirt got into the drink.

King Alfonso quite liked what he was served and when he ordered another glass he requested another “tapa”, which means cover or lid. Later on, he made tapas compulsory for all taverns in the region to serve drinks accompanied by small pieces of food. He thought this would prevent customers get tipsy too quickly and minimise the risks of fights and disagreements, which were commonplace.

Tapas Singapore menu oldest from 1670
Possibly the oldest Tapas Bar in Seville Spain from 1670

Whether the legend is true or not, nobody knows, but what we do know for sure is that tapas are a great accompaniment to a glass of good wine. If you are looking to try some Tapas Singapore, here’s a list of some of the most popular tapas places in town:

AUTHOR: Appetti